ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

As many of you know, last year Steve and I got married and moved into our new apartment together! It was certainly a big year for us, and one of the things I was most looking forward to about the apartment was that we’d have a designated office space! I’ve never had that before: When I lived with my folks, I basically worked out of my room. It was so nice to expand. I’ve always wanted to have a cork board! I feel like it helps me organize my thoughts/tasks so much. And, of course, I’ve always wanted to have some kind of cabinet space. That’s when I came across ChopValue’s rolling cabinet: I knew it would be the perfect addition to my little eco office space. Here’s my full ChopValue rolling cabinet review (and a glimpse at the other items in my home office space).

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ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

What’s the deal with fast furniture?

Quick briefing: Fast furniture is harming the planet. Fast furniture is basically just furniture that’s not built to last.

For reference, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans threw out over 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings in 2018 (up from 2.2 million tons in 1960), and over 80% of it ended up in landfill.

Another problem? Due to the varying materials used by manufacturers, a lot of the waste ends up in landfills, because it can’t be recycled. This only further contributes to our continued waste crisis.

So, that was my main motivator to creating an eco-friendly home office space. I wanted to make sure the furniture I was using in my space would not only last for a while, but be made from materials I trusted.

ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

What is an eco-friendly home office?

Essentially, an eco-friendly home office is like any other home office, equipped with a desk, a laptop, pens/pencils, a cabinet, etc. The main difference is that the supplies and furniture are sourced in a sustainable manner.

So, for example, the ChopValue rolling cabinet is a great example of a sustainable home office purchase, as you’ll soon see. More on that to come. 😉

The other items in my office are also sustainably sourced too, and here’s how:

  • My desk is from Etsy (which runs on 100% renewable energy), which means it’s from a small business, and is made from wood, a natural material.
  • I used upcycled glass yogurt containers to house my office supplies like pencils, pens, scissors, pins and markers.
  • All the artwork is from the room I had at my parent’s apartment, or gifted to me (one piece was made for me by hand, and two other gifted pieces were actually thrifted!). The plant I’ve also had since when I lived with my folks (it’s 5+ years old!).
  • One of the main pens I write with is made from natural grass (!!) and is refillable! This cuts down on a lot of waste. I also don’t use highlighters, just brightly colored pencils.
  • The basket sitting on top of my ChopValue rolling cabinet was gifted to me during my bridal shower, so I’m just putting it to use!
  • My computer chair is from when I lived with my parents: My uncle actually gave it to me after using it himself, instead of tossing it out!
ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

My ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: My Experience

Okay, so now that you get why I didn’t want to support fast furniture, let’s get personal and focus on my individual experience with this brand. Here’s my full ChopValue review!

What did you try?

I bought ChopValue’s rolling cabinet with my own money. This was not gifted to me. It wasn’t exactly cheap either, but I saved up for it. I figured the cost would be worth it considering I’d get so much use out of it.

What makes it sustainable?

ChopValue’s rolling cabinet is a sustainable choice because it’s made from 2,439 recycled chopsticks! According to them, this means 3,400g of carbon emissions are diverted.

I love that ChopValue has a whole zero waste approach to this: They partner with businesses that use chopsticks (like restaurants) and go to collect them so none go to waste. Then they transport them back and recycle them into beautiful pieces like this. It gives these chopsticks a second life!

We urban harvest resources to create our products, which extends the duration of the carbon retained in the wood and bamboo material. When recycled, processed, and engineered, these chopsticks are transformed for a new, durable lifetime in its second value added use.

– In ChopValue’s own words

Here are some other cool sustainability features:

  • ChopValue is a B Corporation, which means their business meets the highest standards of environmental and social performance, legal accountability, and public transparency.  
  • Carbon neutral shipping on all orders.
  • With Microfactories all over the world, ChopValue is able to source, manufacture, and ship as close to you as possible. Each piece is handcrafted by people in your community.
  • Engineered to last: Stronger than oak, harder than maple, and as durable as teak. They ensure your product is built for a lifetime.
  • Own a business yourself? Consider signing up to become a recycling partner with them – it’s free.
ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

What did you think?

Honestly, I really love this rolling cabinet. Not only is it sustainable, but it’s really beautiful to look at. The craftmanship is worth applauding.

Now, it’s worth noting the whole cabinet is not made from recycled chopsticks. The rest is made from various other materials (like metal). But, it’s clear to see this was built to last.

When we got it in the mail, it came with some packaging waste, but nothing too obnoxious or excessive (mostly just stuff to protect it/secure it in the cardboard box). There was little to no assembly required.

There are three drawers: The one at the bottom is the biggest, whereas the top two are equal in size. When one is open, you cannot open another (I found this interesting – is this common with filing cabinets? I wouldn’t know).

It also came with a set of keys, which is helpful if I wish to lock the drawers (great for securing valuables when you’re away on a trip, or will be away/out for a long duration of time). The keys came in a little burlap bag.

Inside the second drawer is also a little organizational tray, which I think is such a cute, unexpected find! You can store smaller items here, maybe a ruler and some pens.

I also LOVE the fact it’s compact enough to fit in our apartment. And it doesn’t look gaudy, or take up too much room. For reference, I’m 5’2 and it stands a bit higher than my knees.

My one complaint: While the desk does in fact roll, my biggest critique was not knowing how to secure the front wheel in place, which makes it a little harder to roll (tho it still does). I’ll figure it out one day soon though, as it was more a problem with our screw than anything else! And, honestly, I’m not really rolling it much anyway – it stays in one spot.

Rating: 9.5/10

ChopValue Rolling Cabinet Review: Creating The Best Eco Home Office

Conclusion: Is ChopValue’s rolling desk worth it?

Personally, I think so. If you’re looking for a sustainable, aesthetic, and compact filing system, this will meet all your requirements!

It’s great for anyone who knows they’ll have SOME kind of papers to file/needs space for their notebooks and planners. Especially helpful to someone like me who pays estimated taxes and needs to print & save EVERYthing…

I plan on going through the papers I keep in this cabinet at least once a year to make sure it doesn’t fill up with junk. I want to use it efficiently. Don’t want to store things I don’t need to keep, after all. Though I do admit the big drawer at the bottom has nobly designated itself the junk drawer…

If you’re on a budget and don’t have the ability to save up for this, you may be better off buying a filing cabinet secondhand. Or, if you know you have LOTS of papers to file away, this may not be ideal for you.

All in all, I am very happy with this purchase and couldn’t recommend ChopValue more. Plus, they do make other items, both for business and the home! Be sure to check them out.

What did you think of my ChopValue rolling cabinet review? Let me know in the comments!

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