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Zero Waste Salsa Recipe

Zero Waste Salsa

If there's one thing I've been itching to make all summer, it's definitely been zero waste salsa! I have a serious love for salsa and chips - not gonna lie. And, while I can totally buy salsa pre-packaged in a glass jar (and just reuse the glass jar) I was totally itching to make some from scratch. Also, as we all know, chips come in wasteful plastic bags. Thankfully, I have a way around that (which I share more on later, so stick around). I try to live by the seasons, so I tend to buy only in-season produce from my local farmers market. And guess what? Summer (AKA June, July and August) are full of all the ingredients I could ever want to make salsa. I can find practically all of these ingredients at my market right now, which is why I waited until summer to make it. Incorporating the freshest produce at their peak season only makes your dishes taste better, after all. Plus, it's much easier to shop plastic free at the farmers market (here are my zero waste farmers market essentials, if you're curious). There aren't any of those little plastic stickers on produce at the market, and farmers at the market are generally more accepting, even downright encouraging, of reusable totes and produce bags. So, this weekend I made it a mission to grab all the ingredients for salsa at the market. My cousin Sydney was staying over and helped me make it! We both love salsa, so it was honestly a blast. For our first time making it, it certainly didn't come out bad at all. We learned a few things, got to bond over good food, and of course satisfied our craving for homemade salsa. I love how it came out, so I figured it'd be fun to share the recipe on my blog! Want to learn how we made it? Here's my recipe for zero waste salsa (you're welcome).

Zero Waste Floor Cleaner for Wooden Floors

zero waste floor cleaner

Looking for an awesome zero waste floor cleaner? I've got you covered. This DIY, natural floor cleaner is perfect for shining up your hard wood floors. I love using it on mine because it makes my home smell lemony fresh without irritating my nose. Not sure about you, but conventional cleaning products really activate my allergies. I always feel like my throat gets sore and like I can't stop sneezing after just one whiff of artificial fragrances found in most cleaning products. Thankfully, natural cleaning never ever does this to me, and nor will this floor cleaner DIY I'm sharing today. Also, if you don't have wooden floors, no worries, towards the end of the article I share a really cool DIY carpet cleaning recipe you can give a go. Plus, I've included other zero waste floor cleaner options for you later in the article, in case this one isn't what you had in mind. I come prepared, after all. Ready to grab your cleaning supplies and hop to it? Here's how to make zero waste floor cleaner for wooden floors.

5 Zero Waste Makeup Brands Worth The Money

zero waste makeup brands

Hunting for the best zero waste makeup brands? I've got you covered. I'm happy to say the future of cosmetics looks promising with these brands around. Free from questionable ingredients, sustainable by nature, and plastic free, all these brands exemplify what the makeup industry should look like. Sadly, the United States isn't the best at regulating makeup, or any skin care products for that matter. Literally, you could put *almost* anything into beauty products and sell them to people just to make a profit. Well, I'm sick of that. And I'm sick of all the damn plastic. It's no secret that makeup can be incredibly wasteful: Have you seen the amount of empties just one beauty junkie alone can make?  It's unfortunate, but recycling makeup isn't easy because it's such a small product, so most of those makeup items just end up in the landfill, or worse, the environment. Well, not anymore. Say goodbye to the wasteful conventional makeup, hello to zero waste makeup. These are the zero waste makeup brands you're going to want to get behind. 

A Mega List of Food Waste Recycling Options

food waste recycling

Food waste is a topic I'm super passionate about. Coming from a big Italian family, we were all taught to eat everything on our plates. We'd eat leftovers for lunch the next day, or my dad would take those leftovers and transform them into a completely new dish for dinner. Doing this really helped us save money, and reduced the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being put into the atmosphere. Still - despite all our best efforts, some food waste was inevitable: Food scraps like eggshells, tea bags, banana skins, and coffee grounds always found their way into the trash. But did they really have to? Quickly, I discovered there were tons of solutions to this extra food waste dilemma. That's where food waste recycling comes in: There are so many ways to make sure your food scraps (the items you can't ingest) don't become part of the waste stream. In today's post, I'm going to talk to you guys about food waste recycling programs, waste collection, composting, and so much more. There are so many creative ways to recycle food, no matter what city you live in, or how big a space you have. Here's how to support food waste recycling.