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60 Easy Zero Waste Tips for Beginners

zero waste tips for beginners

Want to practice zero waste living but don't know where to start? Try one of these easy zero waste tips for beginners. I've compiled a list of 60 simple ways to lead a conscious, zero waste life. All of these tips can be implemented easily, without much hassle. You can use it as a checklist and work your way down, or just scan it and choose a few to do ASAP. The choice is yours, just remember to have fun with it! 

Zero Waste Period: Reusable Pads + Period Underwear

zero waste period

Having a zero waste period isn't hard. You just need to figure out what works for you. There are several options available on the market, but my personal favorites include reusable pads and period underwear from Lunapads. These two items are life changers, and I'm not exaggerating. Before I made the switch to reusables, I would go through one-and-a-half packs of disposable pads every month. Each pack had about 24 pads in them. So, in other words, I was sending about 36 pads to the landfill in just one period cycle. The plastic in disposable pads take hundreds of decompose too, so they'll be around for a while. Plastic never truly goes away: It will just become micro-plastic and continuously leech into the environment. That thought alone was enough to make me switch to reusables. Now, I no longer have to worry I'm polluting the environment simply for being a woman.

Zero Waste Halloween

zero waste halloween

I live in an apartment, so giving out candy to little kids on Halloween was never a concern my folks (or me) had to deal with. I guess that's a blessing in disguise: We didn't need to spend money buying plastic bags of candy wrapped in more plastic. I do, however, have fond memories of going trick or treating myself. So I wasn't completely waste free as a child, despite the fact my parents never had to buy stuff for trick or treaters. I still live in an apartment today - the only difference is I don't go trick or treating anymore. Instead, I usually just spend the holiday wearing cat ears and watching a semi-scary film with my boyfriend (he's not big on horror). I'm grateful for this simplicity, considering Halloween is a really hard time of year for the environment. All those plastic wrapped candies, single use costumes, and rotting pumpkins really add up. That's why I decided to devise a zero waste Halloween guide that would help you navigate this spooky holiday. I've provided a list of zero waste candy options, zero waste costume ideas, zero waste Halloween decor and zero waste Halloween recipes to chill your bones. No matter what you're doing this Halloween, you can use this handy guide as a reference to make the best possible decisions. Ready to celebrate a zero waste Halloween? Enter if you dare.

5 Zero Waste Fall Activities to Do This Season

zero waste fall activities

As someone who lives in tune with the seasons, I get excited whenever a new one approaches. Summer is by far my favorite season (all the fresh produce at the farmers market gets me pumped), but I have a soft spot for fall. That's probably because I was born in fall (November 18 to be exact - in case you want to get me a gift 🤣), but there are other reasons too. Fall brings to mind crisp air, changing leaves, fall produce, and warm chai tea. There's something about fall that just feels so cozy and invokes this slower paced way of living. Its also a time of harvest: Enjoying all of the autumn bounty before winter's sharp chill freezes over the land. I absolutely adore fall produce and will definitely be talking about it later on in the post (aside from pumpkins and apples, there are a lot of other fruit and vegetables in season right now too). So, if you want to get into the fall spirit, reduce your waste and live seasonally, you're in the right place. Here are 5 zero waste fall activities to do before the season ends!