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Zero Waste Bliss Balls

Zero Waste Bliss Balls

I'm a sucker for these zero waste bliss balls. Technically, they're basically vegan truffles. But hey, they're delicious either way. I love the fact these are no-bake too. You can make these as a dessert, or as a snack. They're great for either or. I can definitely see kids enjoying these alongside their lunch. They're easily portable: just stick a few of them into an air-tight container. With the school season here again, it's always nice to pack a few (healthy) snacks along the way. Why not some bliss balls? If you don't have kids (like me haha) then you can always just enjoy these on your own, or with friends and family. They're just that versatile. Here's how to make these yummy zero waste bliss balls (and keep them waste free).

Zero Waste Pantry Essentials

Zero Waste Pantry

Anyone looking to have a zero waste kitchen knows they have to tackle their pantry at some point. I'll admit, it's not easy crafting a zero waste pantry. It took a while for me to get my pantry looking the way it does now. Part of that has to do with the fact I live with my folks, and I don't necessarily control everything they bring into the house. That said, I've drastically helped them reduce the amount of packaged goods they buy and our pantry is honestly pretty impressive! Thankfully, I have access to bulk bins at my local health food store, which greatly helps me keep my pantry plastic free. It might not be the MOST Instagram worthy pantry on the block, but it still gets the job done. I go to the bulk food store with my glass jars almost every two weeks, give or take, to refill on things. Sometimes I'll also use my produce bags too (it depends on the items I'm grabbing). First I'll make sure all my jars are tared, then I'll fill them up with whatever I need. I carry them all in a cute wine bag so they stay put and don't clink together too much. Then I get everything weighed up front and pay for it! It's super simple, but if you're new to bulk food shopping, I have a whole guide on how to use the bulk bins without creating any waste. Today though, lets talk about stocking your zero waste pantry!

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Trash

reduce trash

Looking to reduce the trash that comes into your home? I don't blame you: The average American creates approximately 4.4 pounds of waste per day. That's about 29 pounds of trash per week. Crazy, huh? Well, there's definitely hope. I recommend practicing a zero waste lifestyle. For those who aren't aware, zero waste doesn't necessarily mean you'll never create trash again. Sadly, we live in a linear economy, instead of a circular one, so creating no trash at all is kind of impossible. Things are designed for the trash can, instead of longevity. The system sets you up for failure so you'll continue to purchase single use items over and over again. However, there are plenty of ways we can fight this and embrace an economy that promotes reducing waste. Here's how to reduce trash, save money and go green. 

10 Deforestation Solutions to Save The Amazon

Deforestation Solutions

It's time we seriously sat down and talked deforestation solutions. Why? Well...By now, I'm sure most of you are aware of the huge forest fire taking place in the Amazon rainforest. It's been burning at a record rate and scientists are warning that it could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change. That's no surprise, considering the Amazon is often referred to as the lungs of the planet, producing 20 percent of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. The trees capture carbon from the atmosphere, so when they burn, they release the carbon into the atmosphere, only adding to our climate change problem. Sadly, this isn't the first time the Amazon has been set ablaze: There have been 72,843 fires in Brazil this year, with more than half in the Amazon region. That basically means fires are up over 80 percent, compared to last year.