Hi everyone, I’m Ariana. Thanks for visiting Greenify-Me!

 I started this journey in college: Back in 2014, I was looking through one of my favorite magazines, Faerie Magazine, and read an article called “A Midsummer Day’s Beauty” that really caught my eye. It talked about how most brands of makeup use icky ingredients in their products you can’t even pronounce and it really got me thinking about what I put on my body. From that moment on, I made the switch to green beauty products and haven’t looked back.

Naturally, the next step for me was delving into green living. I started making all sorts of adjustments like buying a reusable water bottle, cooking with organic food, and growing an indoor container garden. In July of 2015 I even started this blog to document my journey. Still, it eventually started to feel like I wasn’t doing enough. I needed to do more to help the environment but couldn’t name what.

 It was only a matter of time before I discovered the zero waste movement: I stumbled upon it in 2017 and was amazed there were people out there who lived low waste lives. I quickly realized that’s what I had been overlooking: Waste! It’s something that surrounds every single one of us and yet most of us don’t see it, or chose not to. I realized I wanted to help solve this waste problem more than ever before. So in 2017 I became a zero waster and I couldn’t be happier.

Through supportive facebook groups, blogs, magazines and books, I’ve learned the evils of single use plastic and decided to limit it from my life as much as possible. It felt so good to go zero waste and have so much support and resources to back me up. 

While I initially started this blog to review green beauty products, I’ve come to see the bigger picture. It’s not just about the ingredients in a product. It’s about the packaging too, and how it was made. Where does it come from? Was the item shipped overseas? Is the packaging sustainable? All these questions are ones I’ve learned to ask. Now, this blog isn’t so much about green beauty anymore, but green, zero waste living. 

I want this to be an inviting place for you to learn about zero waste living, just as I did. I want you to grow as a fellow human being on this beautiful earth and not take it for granted. After all, it’s up to all of us to do our part. While an individual can certainly make a difference, a community can make a village. 

I hope you follow along my journey to reduce my waste. Hopefully it inspires and motivates you to do the same (at your own pace of course). In my spare time, you can catch me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I post new stuff on there all the time, so be sure to give me a follow. Also, I post a new blog post every Friday (usually around 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.) so be sure to check back on my blog during that time frame! 

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See you around, Greenifier. 

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