Hey everybody! Have questions, suggestions, or something on your mind? Shoot me an email: ariana (at) greenify-me (dot) com 

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Want to collaborate? 
If you'd like to see me review your natural beauty product or wellness-based product, please contact me by sending me an email so we can discuss the details and pricing further. I only review products that are all-natural, free of any chemicals, and are cruelty-free. Ingredients must be disclosed and honest on your product so I can see if they are as natural and safe as they claim to be. 

Interested? Here are the types of blog posts I can create for your brand. You may choose as many as you'd like, or just one. Feel free to reach out to me and let me know which you'd prefer.

Sponsorship packages:

Basic review blog post - I would feature a few samples from your shop on my blog. This would include as many samples as you'd like me to review and an in-depth description of each product featuring the price, ingredients, and my overall thoughts. This would be a one-time post but would include post sharing all across my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You can request more than one of these review posts and have me review different items each time.

Themed blog post - I create a themed post featuring your products. For example: "Winter Skincare Essentials", "How to Create the Perfect Bath", "The Best Cosmetics For Acne-Prone Skin", etc. We can discuss what sort of theme you would like me to create, tailor made to the products in your brand. I would feature products from your brand that fit the theme we create. Includes social media posts across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

"Get the look" blog post - Perfect for brands that offer cosmetics. I would create specific "looks" using your makeup such as smoky eyes, cat eyes, or bold lips. This may require more than three samples to achieve. It would be less of a review of the products, more of a how-to/ tutorial. Also includes sharing post all across my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Full month feature - Perfect for any brand looking for increased exposure. I would feature your entire shop and only your shop for a full month on my blog. That said, if you are a beauty brand, I still reserve the right to post wellness related content at the same time I feature your brand. Just the same, if you are a wellness brand, I still reserve the right to post beauty related content at the same time I feature your brand. You get to choose which of your products you want me to focus on. Would include at least 3 posts on my blog (up to you what sort of blog post you want it to be - product reviews, makeup tutorials, themed posts), as well as social media exposure on all my accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
Optional: I can make one out of the 3 posts I write during the month an interview about the brand founder. I'd send you all the interview questions via an email. We can map out an outline of exactly what kind of blog posts you would like for the month-long feature via email.
Bonus: Upon request, I can also share any of your social media posts on my social media sites, one post per week (on top of any social media posts  related to the blogs I create for you). We can choose which further down the line, if you're interested.

For pricing, please contact me at ariana (at) greenify-me (dot) com.


  1. Hi Ariana,
    I'm not looking for a review. I am impressed with what you do.
    Have you heard of Neal's Yard Remedies Organic?
    I think these products would resonate w/ you!
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    1. 5 of our products can be found at credo now, as they've been tested MADE SAFE with more to come!

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