Zero Waste Chocolate Bark

Zero Waste Chocolate Bark
Zero Waste Chocolate Bark
Zero waste chocolate bark is enough to get me drooling. The best part? It’s stupid-simple to make. Seriously. You only need a few ingredients to make it – four to be exact. The great thing is you can adjust the recipe to whatever ingredients you like best. Personally, I used whatever I had easy access to in bulk. My health food store has a bulk bin section I’m in love with. I can use my own containers to get a bunch of dry goods, including all the ingredients for this chocolate bark. It was such a no brainer for me. But you can also look and see what you already have in your kitchen as is – got some pumpkin seeds you need to use up? How about some sad looking dried apricots? Use it up in this recipe! It’s super customizable, which is probably what makes it so super amazing and great.

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Zero Waste Chocolate Bark

zero waste chocolate bark
Another thing about this recipe I adore? It’s perfect for any occasion: Festive enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but simple enough for a once-in-a-while treat. I’m a big fan of Christmas chocolate bark, but I’ve never attempted making my own before. This is perfect for Christmas, and honestly, I’ll probably make a batch of this the closer it gets. 
The biggest game changer of all though? Making this chocolate bark using a Stasher Bag. Have you heard of this amazing product? It’s basically a silicone bag you can use in place of plastic baggies – they’re completely reusable! And, lets not forget they’re also super versatile – you can microwave them, freeze them, put them in the oven, and even put them in the dishwasher. I utilized my Stasher Bag to make this chocolate bark and it was LIFE CHANGING – it made this recipe completely no bake! If you don’t want to be bothered lining baking sheets with finicky parchment paper, turning on the oven and possibly burning your hand when you go for the baking sheet…grab a Stasher Bag and do it MY way. You will SO thank me later. 
Now without further ado, here’s how to make some scrumptious zero waste chocolate bark! Lets dig in, shall we?


  • 2 cups of organic chocolate chips or cocoa nibs
  • 1/2 cup of raw nuts/seeds (I used walnuts – but sliced almonds and pumpkins seeds work nice too)
  • 1/2 cup of dried cranberries (or other dried fruit – dried cherries or apricots work well)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of flaky sea salt (optional)
Note: My chocolate bark come out pretty thick, and that’s cause I used the smaller Stasher Bag (since it’s all I had).I don’t mind this, but if you’d rather have thinner bark, and have a smaller Stasher Bag, just use less chocolate! 
zero waste chocolate bark


  1. Remember that amazing Stasher Bag I mentioned in the beginning of this article? Welp, it’s time to put it to good use! Begin by stuffing your Stasher Bag with your ingredients. Depending on the size of your the bag, you may want to adjust the amount you use. Mine is sandwich storage size, but you might want to use the 1/2 gallon sized Stasher Bag for this if you want to make a bigger batch. Grab it here. Also, depending on what nuts/seeds you’re using, you may want to grind them up a little bit in a mortar and pestle to make them smaller and easier to eat in the chocolate bark. Just a friendly little tip – I did that with the walnuts I used!
  2. Once everything is added in, close the Stasher Bag and put it in the microwave until the chocolate is completely melted (about 5 minutes did it for me – but yours may give or take, depending on the strength of your microwave – mine is old and low power).
  3. Next, put your bag in the freezer. Once the contents are frozen (after about 2-3 hours – you can also leave it overnight), take it out and break it up. I did this by slamming the Stasher Bag repeatedly against the counter until the bark broke into pieces. Then, open up the bag and take out your homemade chocolate bark!

Storage: Keep these in the fridge until ready to eat. I just put mine on a candy dish and took them out whenever I wanted to eat one. You can leave them out on a candy dish in room temperature too – totally up to you. If they start getting a little melty, just put them in the fridge and they should be fine.

zero waste chocolate bark

And that’s it! Super simple, am I right? And, no waste! What could be better than that?

It’s super tasty too – I really wish I had more than just one Stasher Bag – then I could have made a TON of this stuff in a big batch! My folks are going through it like wildfire (I’m looking at you dad – don’t think I don’t hear you opening the fridge to snag some!).

I love how you can customize this recipe to suit your needs. I’d love to try it with all nuts and seeds one day – maybe with almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds? I feel those would do very well in this and they’re easy for me to get in bulk.

I recommend doing your best to shop for the ingredients needed as waste free as possible. Check your local bulk food store for the ingredients I list first. Getting them as package free as possible is definitely recommended. Here’s how to use the bulk bins without creating waste.

If you can’t find these ingredients completely package free, it’s okay. Here’s how to shop without bulk options.

I know most traditional chocolate bark recipes call for a baking sheet, an oven and parchment paper, but this recipe is SO much simpler and quicker. If you want to go the traditional route, that’s your call. But seriously, this version will save you a ton of time and hassle. It’s all thanks to the Stasher Bag!
Zero Waste Chocolate Bark
Will you give this zero waste chocolate bark a try? For even more zero waste recipes, be sure to check out my ebook, How to Reduce Food Waste – it’s got 14 yummy (and low waste) recipes inside!

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