Review + Giveaway: Glory Boon – Rose – Vegan Mineral Lipstick

Review + Giveaway: Glory Boon  – Rose – Vegan Mineral Lipstick

By: Ariana Palmieri

Everyone who knows me, knows I love roses. If I could, I’d probably grow my own rose garden (maybe in the future – right now I live in an apartment, so yeah, no space for that). Until then, I’ll surround myself with rose-themed everything, including a Glory Boon lipstick in the shade “rose”. In honor of my rose obsession, I’ve partnered up with Glory Boon to giveaway a second vegan mineral lipstick in “rose” (AKA, not the one I have). Want to enter the giveaway? See how to enter at the bottom of my review. It’s an Instagram and national giveaway only (sorry international followers), but it’s super easy to enter! Before you do though, check out my review of the lipstick below. It’ll give you a better sense of what you’ll be winning (and why you should be excited to enter the giveaway!). May the most rose-obsessed person win!




Vegan Mineral Lipstick in ‘Rose’

Glory Boon



Why you want it: This vegan, cruelty-free lipstick provides long-lasting, vibrant color that doesn’t dry out lips (score!).

Its value: $8.99 (Just go to the link I provide, choose shade “rose”, then add to cart).

My review: Funny story about this product: It was originally supposed to be in my Valentine’s Day Giveaway (closed now, FYI). Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive in time to be in it (I believe it got lost in the mail, even though Glory Boon used 2-day shipping). It did eventually come though, and when it did, I had two of them: One for me, one for the giveaway. Unfortunately, it was too late to include it in the Valentine’s Day Giveaway soooo….I decided to create another, mini giveaway! That, and try it out for myself. Lets just say I was not disappointed: This lipstick glides on super smooth, doesn’t dry out my lips, and provides a beautiful color. It certainly makes me feel like a rose too: It reminds me of the beautiful beach roses I see flourishing in the summer. It’s the sort of color I’d pair with a neutral eye (nothing too bold, maybe just browns/nudes), because it’s so vibrant on its own. It’s certainly not subtle, so don’t go expecting it to be just a lip tint. That said, it’s no matte either. It’s got a little bit of a sheerness to it, but that doesn’t stop the color from popping. What I love most about it is that’s both vegan, cruelty-free, and 100 percent natural. You have nothing to worry about with this lipstick: It’s made out of only 6 ingredients (according to the packaging – if you’re going by the website, it’s 7, but all are still natural). The ingredients in this product are safe too: Titanium dioxide received a 1-3 score from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), mica and iron oxides received a 2, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and candellila wax received a 1. In EWG terms, low scores are good scores because it means the ingredient is a low hazard to humans. If you’re wondering why titanium dioxide received a 1-3 (3-6 is considered a medium hazard), check it out here. Apparently titanium dioxide’s hazard score depends on how it’s being used: The hazard level is only a 3 when titanium dioxide is airborne or used in a product you inhale. Since you shouldn’t be inhaling lipstick (meaning, breathing it in), you have nothing to worry about. Remember: I would never recommend using anything I didn’t feel safe using on myself. Since I absolutely loved this lipstick, (and the ingredients are very low hazard), it would be stupid not to give away the other one I have. To see how to enter the giveaway, and possibly win, check out the details underneath the ingredients list!


Coconut oil, candellila wax, sweet almond oil, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica (on the website it also says there’s avocado oil used to make these lipsticks, but it didn’t say that on my product).



How to enter the giveaway


Look for this picture on my Instagram account!


So, want to win one of these gorgeous, all-natural lipsticks? Thought so. Just look for the picture above on my Instagram account! Please keep in mind this is a national, Instagram giveaway only. If you have an Instagram and live in the U.S., you’re set to enter! If not, no worries, I’ll be sure to have more giveaways on different social media sights soon (and also a few international ones). But for now, here’s what you have to do:


1. Follow me (greenifyme) and Glory Boon on Instagram.

2. Like the giveaway picture on my account (it’ll look like the picture above!).

3. Tag a friend in the comment section of the giveaway picture (tag as many as you want to increase chances of winning!).

That’s it! Giveaway ends Friday, March 3rd, 9 P.M. Good luck! 


  1. One thing I would like to say that you are very beautiful that you7 do not need any makeup. Natural lipsticks seem so good, I would love to purchase these from you.

  2. I’d should talk to you here. Which is not some thing I usually do! I love reading an article that could get people to believe. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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