6 Sustainable Instagram Accounts That Focus on Climate Optimism

6 Sustainable Instagram Accounts That Focus on Climate Optimism

With so much doom and gloom in the news lately, I find it’s essential to look for joy. Recently, the EPA was delt a massive blow by SCOTUS, limiting its ability to regulate power plant emissions. Senator Joe Manchin said he won’t support climate provisions in a proposed spending bill, which makes taking necessary climate action even harder. Heat waves in the UK are causing roadways and airplane lanes to literally melt. Heat waves in Spain and Portugal are responsible for the deaths of at least 1,700 people, and they’re climate related. With so much bad news, it can be hard to feel optimistic about our future. Which is why it’s so important to take time for JOY and celebrating important climate wins. And why I LOVE following sustainable Instagram accounts that make me genuinely happy.

Giving in to climate doomism doesn’t exactly motivate you to push for change. Instead, it makes you fearful and scared, which can be paralyzing. While I think it’s important to stay up to date on climate news, I also think it’s important to give yourself breaks. Rejuvenating yourself by seeking out positive climate news is just one way I like to do this. That’s why I figured I’d share some sustainable Instagram accounts that are giving me joy nowadays. These accounts make me smile, uplift my spirit, and give me hope in the human race. I hope they’ll do the same for you!

And, I also encourage you to get out into nature. Take social media breaks. Unplug. It’s so important to remind yourself why we’re fighting for this big beautiful planet we call home. And the best way to do that is to spend some time outdoors. Remember – you ARE nature. But when you feel ready to jump back in? Be sure to give one of these sustainable Instagram accounts a follow.

6 Sustainable Instagram Accounts That Focus on Climate Optimism

6 Sustainable Instagram Accounts That Focus on Climate Optimism
Pic credit: @HilatheKilla

1. @HilatheKilla

This eco rapper literally gives me life. And I’m NOT into rap. But she makes it so much fun! Hila raps about everything from cigarette butt pollution to reusable bags. I also love watching her Instagram stories and seeing all the fun adventures she goes on in NYC. And I love her passion for reusables!

2. @Going.Zero.Waste

Kathryn is an absolute gem who shares tons of zero waste tips, food waste fighting hacks and good news Friday posts! I love watching her reels and could do it all day long. Her smile is downright contagious. Plus I’m a liiiiittle biased cause I actually freelance for her website! But seriously, if you aren’t following this zero waste queen, what are you waiting for?

3. @zahranurbiabani

This climate optimist recently gave a TED talk all ABOUT climate optimism sooo, she’s amazing. She is always at the forefront dishing out action tips we can take, reporting GOOD climate news, and just spreading joy whenever she can WITHOUT sugar coating anything. She gives facts, but then tells you about the solutions – not leaving you feeling defeated. Which I LOVE.

4. @pattiegonia

This incredible drag queen ALWAYS manages to make me laugh and smile. And they do all while building community & working to diversify the outdoors. They’re always sharing fun action tips and advocating for more queer representation in the outdoors which I absolutely love. And omg, the fashion projects they work on like this amazing drag look made from 100% upcycled trash is incredible.

5. @Relauren

Lauren is such a fun and down to earth person who is an absolute joy to follow. Her environmental content is informative, clever and funny. I absolutely love her “that girl” series – where she plays an eco-conscious girl you meet in different scenarios (like on the beach or a date) – you gotta watch it. It’s the cutest thing.

6. @Greenifyme

Shameless plug, but hey! What can I say? If my content didn’t make me happy or optimistic for the future, I’d be a little concerned! If you aren’t following me already, feel free to tag along and join my little community! I post at least twice a week and talk about everything from how to recycle hard to recycle items, to upcycling, to low-waste tips, to cool climate-positive brands making a difference.

6 Sustainable Instagram Accounts That Focus on Climate Optimism

So, what do you think of these sustainable Instagram accounts? Will you give these climate optimists a follow? Let me know your fav accounts in the comments!

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By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

Ariana Storniolo is the founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainability. Her work has also been featured on Going Zero Waste, Green Matters, Mother Earth Living and several other online publications.

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