Sustainable Fall Bucket List for 2023

Sustainable Fall Bucket List for 2023

I can feel the summer slowly beginning to unravel. There are echoes of fall in the air, and while summer will always be my favorite season, fall is absolutely a close second. I will miss the summer produce at the market, the long sunny days, the warm nights, and the beach trips. But fall brings with it it’s own joys and delights I’m excited to embrace. I find with zero waste living comes a deeper connection to nature, to the seasons, to slow living. Everything is kind of intersectional. Which is why I decided to have some fun and put together a sustainable fall bucket list for 2023. If this goes over well, maybe I’ll create bucket lists for other seasons as well.

What are some of your fall goals this year? I feel like out of all the seasons, fall comes and goes the quickest. It kind of makes me sad, so I want to plan things out a little better this year and savor every little bit as it goes. Each moment is precious and we ought to take a minute to just be in it, no? Now without further ado, here’s my sustainable fall bucket list for 2023. Will I get all of this done or accomplished? Who can say – but I’ll sure try! All that matters is I have fun with it – and you’re welcome to join in!

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Sustainable Fall Bucket List for 2023

Sustainable Fall Bucket List for 2021

I’m creating this bucket list for both me and you – a kind of post you bookmark and reference over throughout the season. I encourage you to go through my list and see what resonates with you, then set a goal to complete it. Some of these items are activities to do, while others are eco-friendly fall-themed items I’d love to have.

You can pin any of the images in this post to easily access this post for later, or just bookmark the page. Feel free to tell me what you’re looking to do this fall in the comment section too!

My 2023 fall bucket list

  1. Go upstate to Glen House Falls and hike a trail there or two while the leaves are changing.
  2. Forage for some mushrooms.
  3. Make mushroom soup (with foraged mushrooms or package-free ones from the market/store).
  4. Go leaf peeping.
  5. Invest in a pretty (and sustainable) nude lip color, like this one from Kjear Weis (it’s refillable!).
  6. But also invest in a nice deep red gloss like this one from Vapour Beauty.
  7. Go pumpkin picking.
  8. Go apple picking (and bring my own produce bags).
  9. Make apple and pumpkin pie from scratch and compost any remains.
  10. Grab this adorable peek-a-boo poet sleeve sweater, honeycomb knit crew sweater or this hart cashmere sweater. Essentially, get a new sweater NOT made from polyester.
  11. Get package-free and seasonal fall produce from the farmers market (like pears, apples, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower).
  12. Make some yummy fall themed dishes using farmers market produce.
  13. Grab a zero waste candle in a fall scent like this spiced pumpkin soy candle.
  14. Make pumpkin soup.
  15. Donate unwanted warm weather clothing I didn’t use this summer.
  16. Go on a fall hike and/or bike ride to admire the foliage.
  17. Thrift a Halloween costume (last year I was a witch – you can check out my thrifted costume here).
  18. Participate in a cleanup in my neighborhood (before it snows).
  19. Make vegan chili (cause it warms you from the inside out).
  20. Make vegan potato leek soup (a favorite amongst my parents and fiancé).
  21. Use zero waste fall décor around the apartment.
  22. Try taking some reishi mushroom powder (helps with immune support and stress relief) and add it to soups, stews and hot cocoa.
  23. Try a few of these immune boosters (especially echinacea tea and elderberry syrup).
  24. Drink a wide array of zero waste tea (especially Yogi Tea and Arbor Tea).
  25. Go thrifting for a few new fall pieces (especially flannel, sweaters and/or jackets).
  26. Take more fall jogs outside and enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air.
  27. Go on a foraging tour with the one and only Glam Gardener.
  28. Bake some healthy treats, like these apple maple walnut muffins.
  29. Grab a pair of these sustainably made tights and wear them with knee high boots.
  30. Finish reading Entangled Life book – a perfect fall read because mushrooms are popping up all over the place come fall!
Sustainable Fall Bucket List for 2021

I hope this list inspires you to enjoy fall just a little bit more this year. Be sure to bookmark it for future reference!

For more sustainable fall bucket list ideas, check out these zero waste fall activities.

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By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

Ariana Storniolo is the founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainability. Her work has also been featured on Going Zero Waste, Green Matters, Mother Earth Living and several other online publications.

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