50 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

50 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

As an environmentalist, every day is Earth Day, but whenever April rolls around, I still get pretty pumped for Earth Month. A lot of people only focus on Earth Day, April 22nd, but all of April is technically Earth Month. I think that this month is incredibly important because it helps promote awareness about climate change and all the environmental issues that plague our beautiful planet. But it’s also a month full of innovation and creative solutions to said problems! Now of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t brands who greenwash the crap out of this month, but you can usually tell which ones are genuine and actually give a damn. We’re going to focus on the good though. In honor of our amazing planet, I’m sharing 50 easy ways to celebrate Earth Month – including sustainable brands, swaps and lifestyle tips!

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50 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

50 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month
  1. Take a trash audit.
  2. Grab a bidet, like Tushy, and reduce your toilet paper usage.
  3. Switch to Dropps, a plastic-free, sustainable laundry detergent. Use code EARTH25 for 25% off sitewide until 4/11!
  4. Plant a pollinator garden (great for helping native species, bees and butterflies)!
  5. Try Plaine Products, a refillable haircare and skincare brand.
  6. Learn about the 5 R’s of zero waste.
  7. Invest in a reusable safety razor (this one is rose gold and shaves so smoothly), recyclable blades and shaving soap.
  8. Take a hike through the woods and get fully immersed in nature.
  9. Save your veggie scraps to make zero waste vegetable broth.
  10. Get ready for summer with sustainable swimsuits made from recycled materials by Vitamin A, Peony Swimwear, or Summersalt.
  11. Regrow your food using scraps (this works best with carrot tops, lettuce bases, spring onions, etc.)
  12. Swap out plastic toothbrushes with a bamboo toothbrush that’s compostable.
  13. Join a community garden or start a garden in your backyard growing your own food (it’s plastic-free)!
  14. Start using shampoo and conditioner bars instead of plastic bottles.
  15. Get involved in local government, attend town hall meetings, and advocate for plastic bans, composting services, etc.
  16. Start composting in your apartment by grabbing a compost pail.
  17. Learn how to recycle your contacts and glasses properly.
  18. Join the MightyFix and get one hand picked healthy, green product each month.
  19. Avoid microplastic pollution as best you can.
  20. Try some plastic-free, all-natural women’s vitamins or men’s vitamins.
  21. Cleanup your local neighborhood, waterway or park – Better yet, organize a group of friends, neighbors and friends to do it with you.
  22. Switch to zero waste period products like the Saalt Cup or Thinx period underwear.
  23. Donate to an environmental non-profit doing great work, like Rainforest Alliance, Bee Conservancy, Amazon Watch, Ocean Conservancy, or any local environmental non-profits in your area.
  24. Invest in a reusable water bottle like Klean Kanteen which is made from recyclable stainless steel.
  25. Support BIPOC content creators, artisans, makers and businesses whenever possible (even better if they’re sustainable brands too).
  26. Learn about food justice and how you can help create food security for others + why it matters.
  27. Learn about environmental racism and start following these BIPOC environmental Instagram creators ASAP.
  28. Switch to zero waste toothpaste like David’s Toothpaste, Unpaste Tooth Tabs, or Bestowed Essentials Tooth Powder.
  29. Pick up a book and read one of these awesome zero waste books.
  30. Switch to all natural body bar soap, instead of liquid body wash.
  31. Watch a zero waste documentary.
  32. Invest in eco tech, like Nimble, which create chargers and phone cables made from recycled materials.
  33. Check out this mega list of food recycling options.
  34. Grab a Pela Case for your phone – it’s compostable!
  35. Eat more plant-based, vegan recipes (even if that means only once or twice a week).
  36. Create a paperless kitchen and make the switch to reusable cloth napkins and unpaper towels.
  37. Educate your friends and family on environmental problems and solutions by starting friendly conversations.
  38. Grab some reusable produce bags like these adorable cloth produce bags that can be composted at the end of their life.
  39. Grab your farmers market essentials and learn the benefits of supporting your local market.
  40. Try zero waste sunscreen that’s also reef-safe, like Raw Elements Sunscreen.
  41. Sign petitions on behalf of the environment and share them so others will too.
  42. Plant trees with friends and family.
  43. Upgrade your skincare and makeup routine.
  44. Shop secondhand at local thrift or vintage stores.
  45. Create a watch party with your friends and watch a sustainable documentary together.
  46. Repair or mend your broken items when they break, or take them to someone who can.
  47. Consider learning about minimalism and how you can incorporate that into your life by consuming less.
  48. Switch to a sustainable bank like Aspirations (which will soon be releasing a credit card too!).
  49. Bike, walk, carpool or use public transportation whenever possible instead of driving by yourself.
  50. Email brands and businesses about their plastic packaging and suggest they utilize more sustainable options like glass, aluminum, paper or refillable packaging.

What more can I do for the planet?

The list I’ve provided isn’t exhaustive: It’s designed to get you thinking. Truth is, there are so many ways to celebrate Earth Month I’m barely even scratching the surface.

The list I’ve provided doesn’t just apply to Earth Month. The beauty of it is that these lifestyle choices can carry into your daily life well past April.

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50 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

What are some ways you’ll be celebrating earth month?

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By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

Ariana Storniolo is the founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainability. Her work has also been featured on Going Zero Waste, Green Matters, Mother Earth Living and several other online publications.

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