Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

I love gift giving. There’s something so nice about watching someone’s face light up after opening a present you picked out for them. What I don’t love? The waste that comes with it. I remember when I was little and we’d go to my grandpa’s house for Christmas Eve – wrapping paper fell from the air like snow as we opened gifts. And those gifts? Probably packaged in plastic and made from plastic. It’s no one’s fault but the companies who manufactured them honestly. But that doesn’t mean we have to just sit by and accept it. There’s definitely a way to give gifts without all the unnecessary waste. The trick? Knowing what to get everyone that doesn’t involve excessive plastic. Gifting is an art after all, and giving good gifts takes knowing the receiver. Here’s a zero waste gift guide for everyone on your list.

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Zero Waste Gift Guide For Everyone on Your List

Gift shopping can be intimidating and stressful without the added pressure of zero waste. That’s why I’m here to help you. I’ve organized the gifts into different categories for you to choose from.

All the gifts I chose to highlight are low waste, but also sustainably made and fair trade. Lots of these are vegan-friendly too. I’ve chosen to highlight small businesses and brands making a big impact in the world. All the stores I link to are eco-friendly and not Amazon.

Of course, please consider shopping secondhand for gifts, or making your own first. However, for those who’d rather shop from home right now, this zero waste gift guide has you covered.


  1. Gifts for the fashion lover
  2. Gifts for the techie
  3. Gifts for the yogi
  4. Gifts for the zero waste beginner
  5. Gifts for the beauty maven
  6. Gifts for the homebody
  7. Gifts for kids
  8. Gifts for pets
  9. Gifts for the gardener

1. Gifts for the fashion lover

Know a fashionista? Impress them with a garment from one of these sustainable brands.

This women’s clothing brand creates high end attire made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, TENCEL, linen, viscose, deadstock materials, recycled nylon and recycled cashmere.

They’re carbon neutral, and have a wide variety of clothing to choose from including wedding attire, dresses, tops, bottoms, etc.

Their is made from recycled cashmere, saves 450.0 lbs of carbon dioxide and looks drop dead gorgeous. Seriously, I’m in love.

This is stunning too: It’s fitted in the bodice with looser fitting puff sleeves for a comfortable but romantic fit and feel. It’s 82% rayon and 18% silk, so all natural fabrics. I love the sycamore color it comes in – so Christmasy.

Pact creates affordable, sustainable clothing for men, women, and children that’s made with organic cotton and natural fibers. They also offer the option to ship carbon neutral at checkout.

I love their : Perfect stocking stuffers and they’re made from 78% organic cotton.

Their are made with organic cotton and going super fast – so grab one quick!

Everlane creates ethically made clothing for men and women that utilizes recycled plastic, organic cotton and natural fibers. They’re radically transparent and create clothes designed to last, not worn for five seconds and forgotten.

Their would make a great gift this winter: The outside is made from 100% recycled polyester and the filling is recycled down. Selling out fast too, so hurry on this one!

The is a chunky, cozy sweater made from merlino wool, cotton, and alpaca.

Outerknown creates clothing for men and women that sources its fibers from organic, recycled or regenerated sources. They’re also Fair Trade certified which means they protect their workers and provide fair compensation.

The is made from 100% recycled polyester with 100% Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified duck down. The RDS safeguards the welfare of geese and duck that provides down and feathers for clothing.

The for men comes in various styles and is made from 100% organic cotton – but hurry, because it’s almost gone!

Amour Vert creates beautiful clothing for women made from sustainable materials like TENCEL, ethical wool and mulberry silk. They’re crafted in California and use compostable protective bags to store and ship their garments.

Their is made from beechwood fabric (aka modal) and made in the USA.

This is made from 100% organic cotton and made in an entirely zero waste process.

2. Gifts for the techie

We all know that one person who loves their tech. One of these eco-friendly gadgets is bound to impress them.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List


Nimble, a certified B-corp, creates sustainable tech by crafting high quality products with low impact materials. They utilize plastic-free packaging, use recycled materials and have an e-waste recycling program in place.

I love their 5 Day Portable Charger – it’s made with recycled aluminum and plant-based bioplastic. Plus, 1% of sales is donated to environmental non-profits.

Their Wireless Duo Charging Pad is made from eco-friendly materials like fabric from recycled water bottles, organic hemp, and a bioplastic interior. This device charges newer iPhones, Samsungs, Androids, AirPods (2nd Generation) and Google Pixel 3 on contact.

Get Together Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is made from recycled PET, bamboo, upcycled cotton and upcycled hemp. Each purchase helps plant a tree. Use code GREENIFYME for 10% off.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Zero Waste Liquid Screen Protector

Made from an eco-friendly ethanol based blend, this high-tech liquid fills in the pores of your glass screen to create a thin yet strong layer of glass on the surface that reduces finger smudges and protects from dents, scratches, and drops. This liquid screen protector comes in a reusable and recyclable glass vial with a cork stopper.

Use code GREENIFYME for 10% off.

3. Gifts for the yogi

For that friend whose ALWAYS doing yoga and into the latest wellness trends.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Classic Cork Yoga Mat

This vegan yoga mat is made from sustainably harvested cork, rubber and low impact dyes. It’ll ship plastic-free and comes with a carry strap that’s 50% organic cotton.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

The Home Farm

This brand makes pure, organic health and beauty products to keep your people healthy and thriving. They abide by a zero waste philosophy where their items come in recyclable glass and metal containers and ship plastic-free.

Their Magnesium Body Butter would be perfect for any yogi in your life because it’s designed for workout recovery. Organic and vegan, it’s good for headache, migraine, and sore muscle relief. Also, it comes in a glass jar.

Moon Cork Yoga Block

This this eco-friendly yoga block is made from sustainably harvested and naturally anti-microbial cork. It has a pretty moon pattern on the front. For every block sold, 6 meals will be donated to those in need through Feeding Children Everywhere.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Cork Trigger Point Massage Balls

Made from sustainably harvested naturally anti-microbial cork, this 3pk of massage balls are smooth and firm to gently massage trigger points and aid in muscle recovery. Perfect for before or after a workout.

RE Botanicals

RE Botanicals makes USDA certified organic CBD hemp oils, topicals and more. They’re made in the USA, non-GMO, and donate 1% of all sales to educate farmers about regenerative agriculture practices.

Their Hemp 25MG Classic Tincture is 30ML, 100% USA sun-grown organic hemp, and it comes in a class dropper bottle. It’s an easy to take liquid tincture that can be added to water, tea, smoothies, or be taken straight up to calm down and relax. Great before bed!

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Yoga Essentials Harmonizing Aromatherapy Kit

This relaxing kit includes the OM Harmony Aromatherapy Roller and the Smudge Spray: Perfect for both pre or post yoga workouts. Plus, 1% of sales are donated from this product towards environmental non-profits through 1% for the Planet.

4. Gifts for the zero waste beginner

Know someone just starting their zero waste journey? These gifts will help them out a little.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Cotton Mesh Reusable Produce Bag

Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that’s knit into a lightweight and breathable string bag, this medium-sized reusable produce bag is great for keeping fruits and vegetables that need to breathe fresh. Plus, the drawstring top keeps everything from falling out while you’re shopping!

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List


These high-quality 100% cotton handkerchiefs have a smooth, silky feel that will replace disposable tissues. They come in a 3 pack and can be used for cleaning reading glasses, drying tears, or anything you’d use a normal tissue for. They’re biodegradable, natural and handmade.

Reusable Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack

With this assorted seven pack, you’ll have everything you need to cover bowls, wrap half a melon, and keep cut veggies fresh. Contains 2 large wraps, 2 medium wraps, 2 small wraps, and 1 bread wrap.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Stainless Steel Straw, Brush, and Pouch Set

This non-toxic stainless steel straw is ideal for cold drinks, cocktails, and more-and is made from 45% recycled stainless steel. This waste-free set also comes with an organic cotton carrying pouch and a handy straw brush to get rid of leftover grime and grit.

Silicone Stasher Bags Assorted 4pk

These Stasher Bags are designed to replace wasteful plastic baggies and can be used in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Made from non-toxic, BPA free pure platinum silicone, this 4 pack includes 1 snack size, 2 sandwich sizes, and 1 half gallon size.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Bamboo Utensil Set

This handy pack contains bamboo utensils – a fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks. The carrying case is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Organic Unpaper Towels

These handmade organic unpaper towels are 100% organic cotton and perfect for cleaning up messes, spills and everyday accidents. The product packaging is a recyclable paper sleeve and is shipped plastic-free.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Stainless Steel Compost Bin – 1.8 Gallon

This recycled stainless steel compost bin is 1.8 gallon, has a built in charcoal filter to absorb odors, and a handle for easy gripping. You just place food scraps inside and transfer them to a local compost facility or backyard system when you’re ready. It blends into any kitchen décor effortlessly.

Use code GREENIFYME for 10% off.

5. Gifts for the beauty maven

For the beauty connoisseur, these gifts will wow (and help the planet).

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Moisturize HiBAR Shampoo + Conditioner Bars

Perfect for thicker, dryer hair, the eco-friendly bars correct moisture deficiency and improve manageability. Both bars are 100% safe for color treated hair, and contain no sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates, or palm oil. Plus, they’re packaged and shipped 100% plastic free!

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Silk Face Scrub

Hand-made using traditional methods in a women’s cooperative in Salihli, in the Aegean Coast of Turkey, with 100% silk threads. Exfoliates gently and thoroughly. Helps prevent wrinkles with longterm regular use.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Rose Cleanser & Toner

This 100% certified organic Rose Water us the most gentle, soothing and non-drying cleanser & toner. It leaves the skin feeling soft, fresh & clean and comes in a reusable glass jar with a metal lid. Works well with the Argan Face Serum.

Vegan facial toner

This vegan, cruelty-free, zero waste facial toner comes in a glass jar and has three scent options: Rose mint, desert garden and wildflower. The ingredients are clean, organic, and plant-based.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Organic Reusable Facial Rounds

Marley’s Monsters created organic reusable facial rounds so you can cleanse your skin, throw it in the wash, and reuse. These are handmade in the USA from 100% organic cotton and ship plastic-free.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Argan Face Serum

This 100% undiluted, certified organic, edible grade Moroccan Argan oil works serious magic on sensitive or acne-prone skin. It’s also anti-aging and will leave your skin hydrated and silky-smooth. Works well with this rose cleanser and toner. Comes in a glass bottle with a metal lid.

Natural Makeup Remover

This makeup remover comes in a recyclable glass bottle pump and is an organic, vegan, cruelty-free cleansing oil. It’s gentle yet effective and removes dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving your skin depleted.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

This is a refillable cream foundation with medium to full-coverage that has a velvety, semi-matte finish. The ingredients are clean and the beautiful compact can be refilled infinitely, and the refill comes in compostable cardstock packaging.

Pimple Mud Bentonite Face Mask

Perfect for acne-prone skin, this vegan face mask is handmade from organic and natural ingredients like bentonite clay. It comes in a glass jar with a recyclable metal lid.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Vegan Lip Balm

Made with cruelty-free, vegan, and organic ingredients, you can choose ‘bare’ for a natural burst of hydration or tinted options for a pop of color. Plus, each balm is packaged in compostable plastic-free packaging.

Black Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner

This black eyeliner is vegan, cruelty-free, water-resistant, comes in a bamboo tube that’s commercially compostable and has a tip brush that allows for easy application. Made with clean and fair trade ingredients, it’s safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Kjaer Weis Lipstick

Kjaer Weis Lipstick has a creamy, velvety matte finish, while moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil help keep lips smooth and drenched in color. This natural lipstick is presented in a sleek silver tube that, like all Kjaer Weis makeup, is thoughtfully designed to be refillable.

Bloom Blush Stick

Made with cruelty-free, vegan, and organic ingredients, this blush contains beautifying pomegranate seed and red raspberry oil to both hydrate and plump skin. Plus, it’s packaged in compostable plastic-free packaging.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Revere Lip & Eyes Makeup Kit

Made from COSMOS Certified organic ingredients, this kit comes with 1 eyeliner pencil, 1 lip pencil, and 1 black mascara. The pencils are made with California cedarwood that is PEFC certified and guarantees sustainable forest management, with a corn bioplastic lid. The mascara is packaged in sustainable bamboo that can be industrially composted.

6. Gifts for the homebody

Know someone who loves to stay home, host dinner parties, doesn’t hate laundry, or enjoys homemaking? Get them one of these gifts.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List


Dropps makes zero waste, sustainable laundry products using clean ingredients and plastic-free packaging. Their laundry pods are made from water soluble casing which dissolves upon contact with water and doesn’t cause water pollution.

Their Stain & Odor Detergent creates a powerful clean, uses plant-based ingredients and has compostable packaging. You can get it scented or un-scented and choose to subscribe (which saves you 30%) or buy once.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Reusable Coffee Filters

Coffee lover in your life? These reusable coffee filters are made from a special raw cotton + linen blend and can be reused at least 100 times. It fits a variety of brewers that take standard no.2 filters.


TUSHY is a bidet that attaches to your toilet bowl and washes your bum with a refreshing stream of water. It helps you reduce the amount of toilet paper you’ll go through (27,000 trees are cut down every day for toilet paper, after all).

The TUSHY classic is their most popular product and includes everything for an easy installment in under 10 minutes – no electricity or plumbing required. It uses the same water you brush your teeth with so no – not the same water from your toilet.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Kind Organic Cotton Plant-Dyed Oven Mitt

Crafted with 100% organic terry cotton and gorgeously colored with plant-based dyes, these mitts will keep your hands safe and your kitchen beautiful. Plus, you can feel good knowing that Full Circle is a Certified B Corp – raising the bar for social and environmental accountability.

Made Trade

Made Trade sells a wide variety of sustainable home and furniture brands, all carefully curated. You can shop based on your values: Sustainable, heritage, USA made, woman owned, POC owned, fair trade, and vegan.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

These crafted wooden plates are sustainable, vegan, made in the USA and so chic. They’re handmade in Vermont from New England Ash and will add an organic feel to any tabletop.

The organic percale bed sheet set is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, fair trade, vegan, and POC owned. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases which will keep you cool throughout the night, ideal for warmer sleepers.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

This Duka Throw Blanket is made from 100% handloomed cotton in the 3,000 year old historic city of Panipat in North India, famously called “the city of weavers.” Can be used as a throw, blanket, bed cover, or even outdoors.

The Budapest Chef’s Board is a sustainable rectangle cutting board made from 100% reclaimed hardwood. It’s made in the USA and vegan.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

This Night Sky Tumbler Cup Set in Dark Chocolate is handmade in small batches from all-natural, USA made materials by a women-owned company that pays its employees living wages in Portland, Oregon.

These Crafted Salad Servers in Grey are made from locally harvested New England hardwood. They’re vegan and artisan-made in small batches right in the USA.

Zero Waste Cleaning Kit

This kit includes a zero waste dish soap block, bamboo soap dish, and a wooden cleaning brush with a detachable head. It features sustainable materials (bamboo and sisal), clean vegan ingredients, and plastic-free packaging. Perfect for scrubbing grime off dishes!

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Ethical Wool Felt Slippers

Handmade using centuries-old felting techniques, you can feel the craftsmanship in the felted wool and leather suede sole. Plus, Kyrgies uses low-impact dyes and the leather is tanned without chrome or chromium, so no toxic chemicals here.

Kind Organic Cotton Dish Cloths

Made from 100% organic cotton that is ultra-absorbent, yet quick to dry, this 3 pack of dish cloths makes it easy to clean surfaces, dishes, and other messes–without single-use paper towels. Plus, they’re dyed with all plant-based ingredients, with the red cloth coming from pomegranate, the green cloth from green tea leaves, and the neutral with aster flower.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Spruce Soy Candle

Made from 100% vegan and non-toxic soy wax with scents of blue spruce, cedarwood, and citrus, these candles are hand-poured into apothecary inspired glass amber jars with a Kraft paper label and brass lid.

7. Gifts for kids

Want to get kids excited about sustainability? Start ’em young with one of these fun gifts.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Eco-Crayon Beeswax Crayon Sticks

Eco-crayon Beeswax crayon sticks are created with natural wax (no petroleum!) and colored with mineral pigments. They’re handmade in the USA and packaging is printed with soy inks on FSC Certified Paper in a wind-powered factory.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings. They dry you with shocking efficiency while also drying off quickly. Perfect for the beach or family picnics. Made from 100% premium Turkish cotton, edged in hand-knotted tassels, and natural dyes.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Baby Spoon

This is a healthy, beautiful alternative to plastic feeding spoons. Each spoon is hand-carved delicately by an 80-year old craftsman, named Sabri, in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, using the wild boxwood (buxus) tree. The craftsman acquires this wood during the “forest thinning season” to maintain forests in optimal density in order to prevent wild fires.

Natural Rubber Big Drum

This drum kit is made from sustainably harvested rubberwood trees and finished with non-toxic water based dyes and non-formaldehyde glue. A portion of the profits go to reforesting cities.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Twisted Wooden Building Blocks

In a variety of shapes and sizes, these non-toxic building blocks are made from a blend of rubberwood and planwood. PlanWood is a zero waste material made from grinding and heating surplus rubberwood sawdust and wood chips from previous productions; Rubberwood is sustainably harvested wood from rubber trees that can no longer produce latex. Together, they make fun building blocks!

Hop Scotch Sidewalk Chalk

Perfect for encouraging movement and imagination, each egg shaped piece is easy to hold and great for little hands. All eco-kids craft supplies are made from natural ingredients so they’re safe for kids and good for the environment.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Pearl Solmate Kids Crew Socks

The Pearl Solmate Kids Crew Socks conveniently come with one pair and one spare so your kids can enjoy their favorite socks for a long time even when one inevitably goes missing. Plus, they’re made in the USA from recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and a splash of nylon and lycra for durability.

Kids Mittens

These mittens are made from 70% recycled cotton, 30% recycled polyester and plant a tree with every purchase. They’re handmade in the USA.

This statement making graphic T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton that’s breathable and soft. It comes in 10 different styles, colors and designs for both boys and girls.

8. Gifts for pets

For anyone with fur babies, these gifts will be a treat.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Double Knot Hemp Rope Dog Toy

Made from sustainably-harvested hemp, which grows without pesticides and returns 60-70% of its nutrients back to the soil (!), this dog toy has tough fibers that clean your dog’s teeth as they chew. Also, 5% of profits goes towards the Beco Foundation, a non-profit that donates to causes and charities helping animals across the world.

Superfood Dog Treats: Peanut Butter, Cricket, and Pumpkin

These peanut butter, cricket and pumpkin dog snacks have a lower carbon footprint than their competitors. That’s because cricket flour only requires a single gallon of water and produces zero-methane emissions. Their packaging is made with recycled materials and can be recycled with TerraCycle.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Eco Catty Pillar Cat Toy

Wool balls, hand-felted by women in Nepal, are strung together by sustainable hemp twine for a durable, wiggly toy. A small jingle-bell dangles off the tail for added intrigue. Due to the handmade nature of this product, colors may vary.

Organic Catnip

This catnip is organic (grown without any pesticides, sprays or toxic fertilizers), comes in a reusable tin, and plants a tree with every purchase. If you’re new to catnip, this natural herb helps attract cats to their toys, scratchers, and beds, and also helps keep their animal instincts sharp and stimulated.

9. Gifts for the gardener

For anyone obsessed with plants and gardens, these are what they’d enjoy most.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Succulents Box

Succulents Box offers 5 monthly subscription plans + more than 300 gorgeous succulent varieties, organically grown in Southern California. They also have gift boxes perfect for any occasion. There is some plastic packaging, but it’s only to protect the succulent from harm.

The Christmas Gift Box with 2 succulents comes with a Christmas card, two terracotta pots, and a succulent card or stickers. If you want a specific succulent species or have a gift message for the greeting card, let them know via email or the note section and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Seed Now

This online seed bank that has tons of different seeds to choose from.

This organic salad garden kit comes with a US recycled steel tin container, garden stakes, detailed directions, and and 5 seed varieties (spicy greens mix, all gourmet lettuce mix, deep purple bunching onions, pencil carrots and bite-sized tomatoes). All certified organic!

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

Hanging Planter

This beautiful planter is handmade using raw clay with porcelain slip detail and organic cotton rope. Made in the USA, wheel thrown in Portland, OR. It’s especially great for new cuttings but will compliment any plant that gives it a home.

Zero Waste Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

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By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

Ariana Storniolo is the founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainability. Her work has also been featured on Going Zero Waste, Green Matters, Mother Earth Living and several other online publications.

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