5 Zero Waste Stress Busters

5 Zero Waste Stress Busters

In need of some stress relief? I hear you. 2020 has truly been some year – and probably the most stressful at that. With coronavirus, elections, and so much more – it’s enough to make grey hairs start popping up. If you’re anxiety ridden over the state of the world, plastic pollution, or anything else – I hear you. I’ve been extremely stressed myself! But there are ways to cope and de-stress. I figured I’d share some fun zero waste stress busters that really work. I personally love and use several of these myself, so I hope they’ll help you too. Just remember to take a deep breath in and give one of these stress busters a try.

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5 Zero Waste Stress Busters

5 Zero Waste Stress Busters

So many things can stress someone out:

  • Money
  • Politics
  • Tests
  • Personal problems
  • State of the world

It’s almost immeasurable. And I know all too well how it can impact your health – both mentally and physically. Personally, whenever I get too stressed, it becomes very very hard to focus and I often get headaches or severe anxiety.

Stress affects us all, and it’s not something we can fully avoid. However, there are ways of coping with it better and reducing stress. Similar to reducing plastic waste, it won’t completely go away – but you can put a nice dent in it.

Here are my top five favorite stress busters – all of them are zero waste friendly too!

1. Light a (organic) candle and read a good book

5 Zero Waste Stress Busters
Source: EarthHero

Something about the smell of a candle or incense just instantly relaxes you. Pair that with a fantastic book and you’ve got a great way to de-stress. Something about it makes me feel super cozy too.

Personally, I’m in love with this biscotti scented candle from Sanari Candles. It comes in a glass wine cup or tumbler that can be reused again after the candle is out. It’s also made using organic coconut and soy wax, along with organic essentials oils – so it’s free of nasty artificial fragrance.

After you light the candle, take in a deep breath of its calming yummy scent, then pick up your favorite book. I love these 10 zero waste books, if you’re on the hunt for a good read. Or, hit up your local library.

2. Play a (eco) game

5 Zero Waste Stress Busters
Source: EarthHero

Sometimes, it’s nice to take your mind off things with a fun distraction. Playing a fun game can do just that. I love this eco Jenga game – it’s made from recycled fishing nets and ocean themed! So cool.

If you’re looking for a completely plastic free game, check out this recycled bamboo chopsticks finger hockey game that doubles as a serving board. Gotta love a product that’s versatile and multi-use!

When in doubt, cards, board games or video games you already have are always really great distractions too. My favorite card game is Steal The Old Man’s Bundle – what’s yours?

3. Get creative and express yourself

5 Zero Waste Stress Busters
Source: EarthHero

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to draw, write or sing. Drawing or coloring can be so soothing – if you give it a go, try using these plantable colored pencils – you can literally grow herbs, flowers, or vegetables when you plant it after use. That means it’s fully biodegradable!

I’ve personally found myself singing along to Disturbed a lot recently – particularly Land of Confusion and Sound of Silence. Also been loving Zombie by Bad Wolves – all these songs are super fitting at the moment in my life (and during this chaotic election). Singing is such a powerful release!

Whatever creative arts you’re good at – acting, singing, photography, writing, drawing, etc – do them. They’re so good for the soul. And kudos if you can play an instrument cause that’s amazing!

4. Jam out to some tunes

Source: EarthHero

I cannot tell you how much music has helped me during stressful situations. Something about it just sooths the soul. I listen to a lot of alternative rock and gothic stuff – which always catches a lot of people off guard. I like deep lyrics that speak to me.

If you’re looking for new headphones (like me), I suggest these House of Marley earbuds – they’re made from FSC Certified Wood with a recycled aluminum band. Each purchase plants a tree too!

If you’re looking to jam out even harder, this House of Marley mini bluetooth speaker packs a lot of punch – it’s made from bamboo, upcycled organic cotton, upcycled hemp and 40% recycled PET.

5. Take a hike

5 Zero Waste Stress Busters

Or a jog, or a walk. I find getting into nature helps reduce my anxiety almost right away. Whenever possible, definitely unplug from technology and get into nature – mindlessly scrolling through social media can be so draining and stressful.

I don’t like to carry many things with me when I go for walks or jogs – so I use this juniper hip pack. What I love about it is the fact it’s made from recycled plastic and each purchase plants 10 trees! Plus it has a beautiful design.

It’s nice to just clear your head and observe the beauty of nature around you, no matter the season. Take it all in – it’ll calm you, I guarantee it. Nature has a way of healing us, after all. I love visiting local parks or hanging out by the bay.

5 Zero Waste Stress Busters

What do you think of these zero waste stress busters? Which are your favorites?

For more ways to take care of your well being, here are 6 zero waste health tips to keep you healthy year round.

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By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

Ariana Storniolo is the founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainability. Her work has also been featured on Going Zero Waste, Green Matters, Mother Earth Living and several other online publications.

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