The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush
The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush
Looking for the best zero waste hair brush? Look no further – I’ve found it! Brush with Bamboo has recently started selling hair brushes and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. If you know anything about this brand, you know they make the best bamboo toothbrushes around. So, naturally, their hair brush would be amazing too! They were kind enough to send me one and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to brush my hair, to be frank. Most conventional hair brushes are made using plastic – lots of it for that matter. Everything from the handle to the bristles are made from cheap plastic that easily breaks off. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve broken plastic bristles before – my old brush is literally completely bristle-less. But this zero waste hair brush by Brush with Bamboo? So different. The quality is truly something to marvel at – not to mention the entire brush is compostable. How freaking cool is that!? Lets take a closer look and see why this is, without a doubt, the best zero waste hair brush ever.

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The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

Who is Brush with Bamboo?

First off, lets talk about who Brush with Bamboo even is. This brand created the world’s first and only plant-based toothbrush – it’s what they’re best known for.

Their toothbrush’s bristles are made in the USA from castor bean oil, and the handle is certified organic bamboo. It’s literally the only toothbrush I use and can whole-heartedly recommend. Try them out for yourself here.

What distinguishes Brush with Bamboo from other brands is their quality and absolute care for the environment. Brush with Bamboo is a Green America certified business, which means they’re committed to using business as a platform for social change that helps the environment.

Brush with Bamboo implements this by only using wild, giant Moso bamboo to craft their toothbrushes. This wild bamboo never gets treated with pesticides or fertilizers. The bamboo also never needs to be watered – only natural mountain rain is needed.

Since bamboo is so fast growing, it’s truly the sustainable choice. After Brush with Bamboo harvests a stalk, another stalk takes its place and grows to full size within just two years. How incredible?
Brush with Bamboo does sell other products besides toothbrushes too – like bamboo straws and personal care accessories.
That being said, Brush with Bamboo recently decided to branch out and start selling other brushes – one of them being the very hair brush I’m talking about today.

The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

Why should I get a zero waste hair brush?

This world has a plastic problem. Plastic is used to make everything from the clothes we wear to the comforters on our beds. This does not exclude hair brushes.

Only 9 percent of plastic actually gets recycled. With a whopping 8.3 billion tons of plastic made since its initial production, I’d say that’s a very low recycle rate.

The rest of plastic ends up in our landfills and oceans where it emits toxins, pollutes and harms wildlife.

Clearly, the answer isn’t relying solely on recycling. It’s to eliminate as much plastic from our lives as possible. While this does mainly pertain to single-use plastic, we should also analyze all the other plastic that manages to weasel it’s way into our lives too.

Hair brushes are just one product of many that are made with plastic. Even wooden brushes have plastic components – such as the bristles and cushions – that make it hard to recycle or dispose of properly.

According to Women’s Health, you’re supposed to get a new hair brush every 6 months to a year (talk about a marketing tactic, huh?). Seeing as the hair brush market is doing so well (it’s expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2022), I think it’s safe to say that’s a lot of hair brushes destined for landfill.

Why over-complicate things when you can simply switch to a compostable hair brush made from a sustainable, ethical brand like Brush with Bamboo? You’ll not only keep another hair brush out of a landfill, but also gain a quality product you won’t need to dispose of every 6 month to a year. With proper care, this bamboo hair brush will last for decades!

The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

What makes this hair brush zero waste?

The Brush with Bamboo hair brush is made with bamboo – one of the most renewable, fast growing plants on Earth! That includes the brush bristles – not just the handle.
The cushion base is made from natural rubber, and the bamboo handle has a beeswax finish. It even comes in compostable packaging made from paper only.
Since everything in this hair brush is all-natural, that means it’s technically compostable. Not sure about you, but I’ve never heard of a compostable hair brush before. At least not in stores.
Usually, when I walk into salons or beauty shops, I’ll definitely spot a bamboo hair brush. But it almost always has plastic bristles and you can never tell what the cushion base is made from. It kind of defeats the purpose, you know?
With this zero waste hair brush, you can brush your hair happily, knowing nothing about it will go to waste. At the end of its life, after years of use, you’ll be able to simply compost it – returning it to the earth.
The good news is, you won’t have to compost it for a while. It’s truly built to last – the mark of a great zero waste product! You want to get a lot of use out of your products, after all. With proper care, this hair brush can last for decades.
So, just to recap, here’s what makes this Brush with Bamboo hair brush completely zero waste:

  • Made using bamboo that’s sustainably grown.
  • Brush handle is bamboo and has a beeswax finish to it.
  • Brush pins/bristles are pure bamboo.
  • Cushion base is made from natural rubber.
  • Compostable packaging made from paper only.
  • Entire hair brush is completely compostable.
Those pros pretty much speak for themselves, don’t they? It doesn’t get better than a compostable hair brush my friends! Check it out for yourself here.
The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

How do you use this zero waste hair brush?

Just like any hair brush, really! Brush it through your hair – dry or wet. It’s the perfect addition to your hair care products and routine.
I love using Brush with Bamboo’s hair brush to de-tangle my hair after a shower. It does such a nice job, and the bamboo bristles are not hard at all, so it’s very comfortable for my scalp.

It never pulls at my hair or creates knots – it simply glides on through. Pure heaven, let me tell you.

I also have blown out my hair using this brush. I always use flat brushes to blow out my hair, despite the fact a lot of salons recommend using circular brushes. Personally, I just prefer brushing it straight. Brush with Bamboo’s hair brush holds up very well with that! I have no complaints at all.

The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush
It hasn’t yanked at my hair much at all either – an unavoidable problem I always had with plastic bristles. These bamboo bristles? They just glide through my hair.
I have long hair, so it’s pretty easy for it to get knotty. But this brush has really held up and done a great job helping me get my knots out! I haven’t lost one bamboo bristle yet, and I’ve had it for at least two weeks now (working overtime, may I add).

If you want to keep your wooden hairbrush in the best condition (aka, keep it forever), be sure to keep it away from water as much as possible. If it gets wet, dry it with a towel.

Also, to keep the bamboo bristles in tip top condition, consider massaging some Argan oil into them every once and a while. Just a drop or two will do. Argan oil is also fantastic for the hair, so it’s okay if some transfers to your hair while brushing – even better if your hair is wet or damp.

Another pro tip? When you start to notice hair building up on the cushion base, pull it out and add it to your compost bin! Hair is compostable, so you shouldn’t throw it out!

You can keep this hair brush stashed in your zero waste bathroom, or in your bedroom. I keep mine on my desk for easy access!

The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

Conclusion: Get yourself one of these brushes

Truly, there couldn’t be a better, more sustainable brush on the market right now. Especially from a brand that’s as trustworthy as Brush with Bamboo. Definitely snatch up this zero waste hair brush ASAP!

I’ve been using Brush with Bamboo’s toothbrushes for years now and I’ve always admired the quality of their product – it’s literally my favorite toothbrush. I knew as soon as they released this hair brush it would be an amazing product because they never disappoint.

I think one of the problems with most bamboo hair brushes on sale today is the fact they’re not entirely plastic free. Their bristles and cushions are still made from plastic. But Brush with Bamboo solves this problem by offering a completely plastic-free, compostable hair brush.

When it comes to a hair brush – especially one made with bamboo and plastic – it can be confusing to know how to dispose of it. Do you try to recycle it? Will it even be recycled? If you want to compost the bamboo part, how do you separate it from the plastic cushion and bristles?

Brush with Bamboo’s hair brush doesn’t force you to ask those hard questions. They make everything very simple, because their product is simple. It’s biodegradable because it’s made from bamboo and natural rubber – that’s it.

When the time comes for you to dispose of it, you won’t have to stand there, scratching your head, wondering what to do with it. You can simply add it to your compost bin.

That’s the kind of product you want to support  – a product that’s closed loop and comes full circle. One that’s sustainable from beginning to end.

So my friends, put down your plastic hair brushes and pick up this zero waste hair brush by Brush with Bamboo. You won’t regret it – and the planet will surely thank you.

The Best Zero Waste Hair Brush

Would you use this zero waste hairbrush?

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