Zero Waste Hair Spray

Zero Waste Hair Spray
zero waste hair spray

Does zero waste hair spray exist? Yes, yes it does my friends, and I’m here to tell you all about it. Stop whatever you’re using right now and switch to this. Please. It will save you SO much money and you’ll question why you even decided to waste money buying hair spray to begin with. Plus, not to mention, conventional hair spray is loaded with a bunch of questionable ingredients. It’s also terrible for the environment. While aerosol cans aren’t depleting the ozone layer anymore with CFCs, according to Scientific American, they still contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases infamous for their contribution to global warming. So, essentially, every time you go to spray your hair, you’re just raising your own carbon footprint (albeit slowly). You know what I say to that? Lets eliminate that risk entirely by making our own non toxic hair spray! 

I’ve never liked conventional hair spray, honestly. It always leaves a nasty tacky feeling in my hair that makes it impossible to work with once my hair is down for the day. Yuck. But not this DIY hairspray! When I spray it in my hair, it doesn’t leave it feeling sticky or icky. In fact, my hair feels one hundred percent fine, like I didn’t even put anything in it. Only, ha, I did, which I can see from the amazing results I get. This non toxic hair spray WORKS, greenifiers. You only need three ingredients to make it too, and more than likely, they’re already in your home. And I’m ready to share it with you. Here’s how to make zero waste hair spray.

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Zero Waste Hair Spray

zero waste hair spray


  • 1/2 cup of warm water (or enough to fill whatever spray bottle you decide to use)
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt (you can also use table salt, if it’s all you have)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil (or any nourishing hair oil, like avocado or argan oil)

Note on ingredients: Try to find the sea salt and coconut oil in bulk, or sustainably packaged. I just buy coconut oil in a glass jar. Sea salt can also be bought in glass jars, which you can reuse and re-purpose over and over again.

zero waste hair spray

  1. Using a glass spray bottle (I used a 4 oz cobalt glass bottle with a mister top), funnel in the warm water. Make sure there’s enough space left for you to add the other two ingredients without anything overflowing. I essentially just made some tea for myself and used the leftover water for this DIY.
  2. When you’re ready, add the sea salt and the hair nourishing oil of your choice (I went with coconut oil). Screw on the top of the bottle until it’s secure. Then, give the glass bottle a good shake! Since the water is warm, it should make it easier for all the ingredients to combine together. Shake it up until the sea salt is mostly, or completely, dissolved. Now it’s ready for use!

Storage: You can keep this zero waste hair spray on your counter, in your bathroom, or in your beauty cabinet. Anywhere you want, really. Just keep it away from direct sunlight and you’ll be fine.


Using zero waste hair spray

zero waste hair spray

It’s so easy to use zero waste hair spray.

First, make sure you shake it well before each use. You want to make sure the oil and water don’t separate. Then, just spritz it one or two times on the areas you want to tame your fly aways. You can smooth it into place with your hands, like I do, or use a comb. That’s it!

You can use as much as you want on your hair, but I find less is honestly more. This DIY hairspray never leaves my locks feeling disgusting, hard or sticky after use. My hair continues to feel very soft and manageable, which is a huge win in my book. It also doesn’t really have much of a smell, so it’s good for people with sensitive noses, like me.

I also find this spray holds up very well. I didn’t have to reapply any more of it, even after several hours passed by. Considering it’s summer now and fly aways are a much more common occurrence, this is very impressive!

You can also use this sea salt spray to texturize your hair, if you like. If you’d like to give your hair some extra volume, or create some cute beachy waves, spray this onto the ends of your hair after you shower, then work the spray into the rest of your hair with your fingers. After you dry your hair, your hair will be left with a lot more texture.

zero waste hair spray

Would you give this zero waste hair spray a try? Leave a comment to let me know!

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  1. I made this and used a bottle like the one you picture. After about three sprays, it stops spraying. I tried another larger bottle with a wider straw and again, works for a couple sprays and stops. It’s not clogging the nozzle on the outside. Not sure what’s going on. I added quite a bit more water and still it’s not spraying. 🙁 I think I like the formula though!

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