Review: July Goddess Provisions Box – Solar Plexus Chakra

Review: July Goddess Provisions Box – Solar Plexus Chakra

By: Ariana Palmieri

As promised on my YouTube channel, here’s my in-depth review of this month’s Goddess Provisions box! If you haven’t seen my unboxing video yet, check it out here. I really love how the theme for this box was improving and balancing the solar plexus chakra, which is all about confidence and self-esteem (could always use more of that!). I truly enjoyed this box and can’t wait for you to read about it!


Love Rope Bracelet 

Love Rope

Why you want it: If you love colorful bracelets, vegan leather, and customizable stamps, this is for you.

Its value: $27.95(or $22.95 if you share your creation to facebook!)

My review: I’m in love with bracelets, as you have probably seen in my videos (I wear a lot of them), so this was a win. It’s so cool how this bracelet is made out of vegan leather and comes with a hand stamped “goddess” charm. The charm and rope were separate when I got them and the charm was on a piece of cardboard with a message on it. The message said “life is a journey thanks for taking me with you” which I thought was really cute. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at tying things, so I had to have some help from my mom. For those who don’t have mothers around who tie things better than you, love rope also provided a link to a video that shows you how to tie your love rope. It’s pretty helpful too, and I gave it a go on my own (didn’t do too horrible a job if I do say so myself). The cool and best part about this company is that you can go on their site and customize your own bracelet to make it unique to you. They have six colors to choose from (red, blue, black, yellow, pink, and sea foam green) and you can also write any message you want on the charm. You can get a feel for how your bracelet would look thanks to this awesome virtual feature they have on their site that lets you choose what you want on your bracelet. As soon as you click a color and type a message, it appears on the virtual bracelet. There are 3 lines available for you to write your message on (each one you can write only 7 letters max on). My bracelet’s message was only one line that said “Goddess”, but you can feel free to write whatever you like. I totally recommend creating your own bracelet (or getting the July Goddess Provisions boxif you want the rest of these items) because of how easy and fun it looks. Plus it’s a totally ethical company that’s into sending good vibes to their customers without harming animals (hence the vegan leather). So get creating!


Solar Plexus Chakra Blend

Soulful Body

Why you want it: The whiff of this lemony aromatherapy blend is quite helpful on the days you lack motivation (or feel like a potato).

Its value: $15

My review: Sometimes we lack motivation, and that’s fine. For those moments, I recommend using this oil blend. While it certainly can’t make you finish writing a blog post (ahem), it can definitely help give you a little jolt in the right direction. One whiff of it makes me feel like I’m on a lemon farm, surrounded by nothing but sunshine, hills, and trees. Crafted in New York city with all-natural, certified organic ingredients, this blend is guaranteed to satisfy your inner eco-chick (or eco-guy). The coolest part? It’s been infused with golden quartz crystal. Have you ever seen one of these? Not only is golden quartz stunning, but crystal infusions have become a big wellness trend. Infusing crystals into liquids is an entirely safe process, so no worries – if you want to give it a try on your own, all you need is a crystal, a bowl, a jar, and a crystal of your choice. Make sure to cleanse your crystal before you do this (can be done by washing it off and envisioning all the negative energy leaving it), then place it in a jar. Fill up the bowl with water (or a blend of essential oils), and place the jar with the crystal in it. Leave it outside in the sun (or full moon) for a whole day, then clear any debris that may have fell into the water (or oil blend). This simple method is (more than likely) how Soulful Body infused their blend with golden quartz crystal. I think that’s pretty darn cool, and I’ve heard this crystal is good for bringing more joy and liveliness into ones life (which goes hand in hand with this uplifting oil blend). I definitely recommend giving it a go!


Essential oils of *peppermint, *rosemary, and *lemongrass in *jojoba oil infused with golden quartz crystal. *certified organic


Meyer Lemon

Stash Tea

Why you want it: Not only is it delicious when brewed hot, but it’s also super refreshing when chilled! 

Its value: $5.99 (comes with 20 tea bags in one pack)

My review: So, I’m pretty tea obsessed you guys. I drink bubble tea practically every day with my boyfriend (no joke), and it’s delicious. That said, I love a good old fashioned brew every once and a while. This tea can be brewed and drank hot, or brewed and chilled. I’ve tried it both ways and it’s hard to say which I liked better. I’d probably have to go with the chilled version, simply because of how hot its been and how refreshing it was. After all, cold lemon beverages are a summer staple. To make a large pitcher of chilled lemon tea, bring water to a boil. Add the water to a pitcher you adore, then add 2-3 teabags. Stir and let steep for as long as desired (I just kept mine in over night) and add as much honey as you want to make it a little sweeter (I opted for only 3 tablespoons, but that’s just me). Be sure to stir it well, then add in some ice cubes (this is optional, but it does speed up the cooling process a little). I left the pitcher of tea in the fridge over night (it wasn’t cool enough even an hour later), but you can ultimately decide how cold is cold enough. My whole family drank this over the course of a stifling hot week and adored it (so it went over pretty well, I’d say!). I’ll definitely keep this flavor in mind in the future, considering I’ve tried and adored Stash teas in the past.


Rosehips, lemongrass, orange peel, hibiscus, citric acid, meyer lemon oil, safflower.


Chakra RX – Solar Plexus

Scentual Goddess

Why you want it: This stuff is strong – you only need one spritz of it (trust me) to enjoy its lemon-ginger scent and inhale its empowering essence (warning: Might cause slight irritation for those with sensitive noses – like myself). 

Its value: $12.95

My review: Aromatherapy is pretty cool – and this spray is especially designed to balance out your solar plexus chakra. It gives you a unique, but simple visualization on the back of it to help you too: All you have to do is imagine a yellow ball of light about 2″ above your belly button, face the sun, and once you feel the sun’s rays empower you, spritz the spray and say “I am confident. I am strong.  I take back my power! I can be, do and have anything that I desire.” You don’t have to perform this visualization for the spray to do its work – you can simply spritz it once and say “I can!” or spray it and say nothing. The scent alone will be sure to invigorate you. According to the back of the bottle, it contains purified water, fragrance, and natural crystals that help attune your chakras. I wish it gave a full ingredients list, being it’s important to know which fragrances they used. Unfortunately they didn’t, so if you’re the sort (like me) who needs to know everything that’s in your products, this might not be the most comforting. While I like the spray and like the idea of it, I don’t think I’d buy this on my own. The scent was too strong for me (it irritated my nose and made me feel like I was about to sneeze a lot), plus I don’t exactly know what’s causing the scent. The good news is this was handcrafted, made in small batches, and charged with intention. That counts for something – on top of the fact the scent is empowering, despite being strong. I guess that was the point (I can’t really picture a solar plexus chakra spray being light and airy anyway), so I understand. But for people with sensitive noses (like me), I’d avoid purchasing this one.


Crystal Grid

Cave and Canyon

Why you want it: If you love crystals and want a crystal grid but have limited space/are new to grid work, this is a great starter!

Its value: $25 (You can shop via theirinstagram account – Cave and Canyon is still working on getting their website shop up!)

My review: Oh gosh, I’ve been wanting a crystal grid for the longest time now! I was ecstatic when I found out I’d be getting one in this box – now I didn’t have to waste time searching for a grid on my own! Plus, most of the grids out there are expensive (as you can see – this one was worth $25, close to the whole box’s worth – $33!). While there are many crystal grids out there, what I loved about this one was the simplicity of it. I don’t have too much space in my room, so I adored the small, thin, compact size of this grid, and that it came in a cute, sheer pouch I could transport it in. Made of wood and designed with care, this crystal grid’s pattern resembles that of a never ending circle. Its length and width are a little more than a rubix cube’s (so not very big), but it offers plenty of room to place crystals (preferably small to medium) on it. If you’re not sure how a crystal grid works, or how to use it, it’s really not too hard. First off, it’s important to know any object is only as powerful as what you put into it – you’re the one who makes it special. If you set your intentions right, the grid can work with and for you. Crystal grids are used as a surface, a platform if you will, for crystals. You have complete control over where your crystals go on the grid. The pattern has to come from within and feel intuitively right with you. Depending on what you would want to attract, you would also choose different crystals. For example, I wanted to give myself a boost of confidence, so I used crystals that corresponded to the 3rd and 2nd chakras – the solar plexus and the sacral. A quick google search could tell you which crystals are good for what (ex: love, friendship, luck, etc.). I used the tiger eye I got in this box as well as other crystals I bought on my own such as clear quartz, citrine, and tangerine quartz. Its a good idea to create your crystal grid in a sacred space – since I don’t have one strictly dedicated to stuff like this, I just did it on my bed and made sure I wouldn’t be disturbed. I let my intuition guide me as to where I should place each crystal and once I thought it looked right, I meditated on it, simply allowing myself to feel their energy. You can also write your intentions down on a piece of paper and tuck it underneath your crystal grid, or keep it with you, depending on your style. There are other ways to create a crystal grid, and Cave and Canyon provide a nifty link that instructs Goddess Provisions users on how to use their grid (which is super helpful and explains it more in-depth than I do). All in all I can’t wait to make my next grid and try some of Cave and Canyon’s suggestions!



Lexy Olivia

Why you want it: Beautiful citrine artwork doubles as a little card complete with a mini envelope (super cute!) that you can give away or keep.

Its value: $4

My review: I love to draw and paint, so I definitely appreciated this piece of artwork. Citrine is a crystal linked with the solar plexus chakra, similar to tiger’s eye (which I received in this box). Citrine is associated with success, abundance, joy, personal power, and clearing negative energy. It is an uplifting stone, much like most of the items in this box, that gives you a boost of joy with its sunny disposition. The artwork really captures the qualities of citrine and I love how it came with a little envelope. You can write on the back of the card, seal it in the envelope, and give it away, or keep it stashed somewhere special to you. You can write goals you have for yourself on it and come back to it a few months later to see if you accomplished them. Or you can use it like I did – I wrote affirmations on it to boost my self esteem and encourage self-love. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how important and special you are – writing it down reaffirms it and lets you claim your own power. I actually used this card when I was creating my crystal grid. I meditated on what I wrote on it and placed it under my crystal grid to enhance the overall experience. If you like handcrafted artwork that encourages you to take hold of your own power, I definitely suggest getting your hands on one of these!


Tiger Eye Tumble Stone

Goddess Provisions

Why you want it: This brown and gold stone is great for grounding, cleansing, and empowering your solar plexus chakra (plus it’s stunning!).

Its value: Varies from $2 and up on etsy

My review: Said to promote healing with those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and fears, this stone is quite balancing. If you’re in need of emotional harmony of any sort, this could be the gem for you. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra and can also give you a much needed boost in self-worth. It is also known for attracting wealth, and improving concentration in meditation. I fell in love with this stone’s iridescent quality, and the way it shines and glimmers with each movement. It’s very calming, and the particular stone I received is its tumbled form. I used it as the center stone in my crystal grid (the one I made using Cave and Canyon’s grid, also found in this box). I still have to cleanse and program it (a process that’s not too hard to do, just time consuming), but it still worked very well in my crystal grid. I have used tiger’s eye in the past – my mom has one that I’ve borrowed because of how gorgeous I thought it was. It’s not my favorite crystal, but it’s certainly one I respect and admire. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got more of it to add to my collection in the future. Since Goddess Provisions did not include the gem’s source (where they bought it from), I did my own research and provided a link to a site that offers tiger eye, if you’re interested in owning this gem.


Solar Plexus Chakra Guide

The Moon Sisterhood

Why you want it: The only digital goodie in this box, this guide includes yoga poses, crystals, and essential oils that balance your solar plexus chakra.

Its value: $19.97 (however, the only thing similar to this is the chakra 101 class they offer online which is on sale for $155, when it’s usually $185).

My review: I’ll be honest – I don’t know much about the solar plexus chakra, other than it’s associated with the color yellow and the stomach area. This guide was a huge help in understanding the solar plexus chakra. It was available for download on my phone or computer and I really like how simple it is. Just 13 pages of highly valuable material (without feeling like a textbook), this guide can be breezed through.They included many things, such as the location of all the chakras, and what makes the solar plexus important. They explain what an imbalanced one looks like (can include eating disorders, lack of safety, laziness, etc) and what a balanced chakra looks like (confident, well nourished, flexible physically and emotionally). I love how they simplify things by providing lists and graphics. If you feel your solar plexus may be out of wack, try wearing more yellow, smelling some lemon and/or frankincense essential oils, doing plank pose in yoga, or adding some tiger’s eye, citrine, and amber stones to your crystal collection. These are all associated with the 3rd chakra and designed to stabilize it so you can be your most powerful, confident self.


Get your own box

Interested in becoming a Goddess? You already are, but you know what I mean. Just sign up using my affiliate link, here! Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoyed this article!

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