Zero Waste Cleaning: Lavender Vinegar Cleaner

Lavender Vinegar Cleaner

Ever try making lavender vinegar cleaner? I really love the way vinegar cleans things, but it honestly smells to high heaven. That’s why I’m glad you can actually infuse vinegar so easily with pleasant smelling herbs. I’ve done it before with my orange peel vinegar cleaner, and now I’m doing it with this lavender vinegar cleaner. It’s not hard to make at all, and it looks and smells beautiful. The color is out of this world from the moment the vinegar touches the lavender buds.

I have access to package free dried lavender buds at my local health food store. I’ve been dying to buy some but I never really had a reason to. But once the idea for this zero waste cleaner popped into my head, I certainly had an excuse! Too often, the cleaners sold to us in stores are full of questionable ingredients and packaged in plastic. Why bother exposing yourself to harsh chemicals that pollute the planet and create health problems? This natural, all-purpose cleaner only requires 2 ingredients, then you just dilute it with water. You can grow the lavender yourself or buy dried lavender buds (a much easier option). Here’s how to make some all natural lavender vinegar cleaner.
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Lavender Vinegar Cleaner

Zero Waste Cleaning
lavender vinegar cleaner
Ingredients + supplies:
    lavender vinegar cleaner
    1. First, fill a mason jar with your vinegar and dried lavender. I added the lavender buds first, then topped it with the vinegar. Seal the jar well once both ingredients are in. 
    2. Next, allow the mixture to sit on a sunny window for a few days – at least a week (so five days). For a stronger lavender scent, you can let it infuse even longer. Ten days is a good amount of time to aim for. 
    3. Strain out the lavender using a cheesecloth or a strainer. A stainless steel tea strainer that fits over a cup or jar works really well for this. It makes everything a lot easier and catches the lavender with little to no mess or cleanup required. You’re left with the infused vinegar, which is the goal. 
    4. Now it’s time to make your all-purpose cleaner. Fill the spray bottle of your choice half way with the infused lavender vinegar, the rest with water. A 50/50 mix should work, but if you want the smell to be a bit more delicate, add more water than infused vinegar. Totally optional, but if you want to create a stronger lavender scent, consider adding some lavender essential oil at this point.
    5. Save the rest of the vinegar for a later time, or use it to fill another spray bottle the same way, so you have even more cleaner. Either way, make sure you compost the soggy lavender buds. Congrats, you just made lavender vinegar cleaner! 

    Note on spray bottle: I just used an empty glass mister bottle that used to house rose water. It seemed like a waste to not reuse it. Always use what you have on hand first. Any kind of spray bottle will do. If you have an empty glass bottle, you could try screwing on a spray nozzle you have lying around the house. Buying should be your last option, but if you have to, here’s a nice glass spray bottle I’ve bought in the past and recommend.

    Cleaning with lavender vinegar cleaner

    lavender vinegar cleaner

    As far as cleaning with this stuff, it’s awesome. Super easy to use, and I absolutely love it. I might even love it more than the orange peel vinegar cleaner I made.

    It smells awesome and works really well to clean your surfaces. Here are some ways you can clean with this all-purpose spray.
    • Counter tops and tables – Just spritz it on and wipe using a rag. 
    • Stove tops – This definitely made my stove top shine like new. I didn’t have to spray that much either.
    • Bathrooms – Great for tubs, sinks, mirrors, shower walls, toilet bowls and faucets.
    • Windows – Gets the grime off and makes it look much more clear.
    • Kids stuff – Great for cleaning kids toys, highchairs, the works.
    lavender vinegar cleaner

    Vinegar is an excellent cleaner by itself because it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Combining it with lavender just makes sense. Lavender is an anti-bacterial herb that’s very cleansing by itself. These two ingredients put together are a true power house.
    The thing I love most about this cleaner is the fact it smells so nice. Smelling lavender helps fight stress and anxiety, so it’s a really nice relaxing scent to smell after cleaning.
    Lavender is also a great natural bug repellent, which means you can use this to keep moths and fleas away by spraying it in your closet, rug and couch as well. How amazing is that?

    Lavender Vinegar Cleaner

    Would you give this lavender vinegar cleaner a try?

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    By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

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