How to make a simple organic rose fertilizer

The last thing any gardener likes to see is leaves that have lost their luster and flowers that look way beyond stressed out.
Unfortunately, that’s how my mini-rose plant was starting to look. I had just gotten a new one after my fragrant red roses died (this one is pink) so I didn’t like what I saw. Even after I transplanted it to a bigger pot the pink beauties still looked like they were having some trouble.
That’s when I knew I had to do something I had never one before: I had to use fertilizer.
I’m normally not a fan of these. I like the idea of growing something as naturally as possible. When I went online and searched for some organic fertilizers I was taken back by some of the prices. Plus there was the element of waiting: my roses needed a quick fix and they needed it now. By the time the fertilizer got here whose to say my roses wouldn’t be dead?
Finally, after some more digging around, I found a great and simple recipe online that I could create on the fly. All it takes is some egg shells, Epsom salt and a little time!

Egg shells and Epsom salt never looked so good.


Grind up those egg shells!

Epsom salt and egg shells

You will need:
  • Two eggs
  • Two tablespoons of Epsom salt
  • A bowl
  • A spoon
  • A container to store the fertilizer in
  1. Take the two eggs and crack them open. You can use the egg in cooking, as I do whenever I do this, to prevent wasting it. However, when you’re done eating or what have you, clean out the egg shells thoroughly in the sink. When you feel all the goop is gone (and you haven’t cut yourself) put them in the bowl.
  2. Start smashing with your spoon! You can break up the big pieces with your fingers, but be careful. You have to crush the egg shells down to grain-like consistency. Do not let any remain bigger than the size of your pinkie. Tip: go back and forth between using the back of the spoon as well as the tip of the spoon for the best crushing effects. This may take a little while.
  3. When you feel you’ve crushed enough, add in the two tablespoons of Epsom salt! Mix the two together and congratulate yourself. You just made rose food!
  4. Combine about one spoonful of your new rose fertilizer to water. Mix well and water your roses. You will probably have leftover so store it in a container of some sort. You can use this mix every month, once a month and you’ll be surprised at the boost it gives your plant!

These beauties deserve all the love they can get.

    Let me know what fertilizer you use for roses in the comments before!

By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

Ariana Storniolo is the founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainability. Her work has also been featured on Going Zero Waste, Green Matters, Mother Earth Living and several other online publications.

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