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Review: Moon Body Soul - Bath + Body Products

By: Ariana Palmieri
Out of all the celestial bodies, the moon is my favorite. There's something so pure about its light, and the power it has over the earth's tides is nothing to laugh at. Maybe that's why I gravitated towards a company called Moon Body Soul: They sell beautiful bath and body products that I've been eyeing for a while now. Up until recent, I had just been admiring from afar, but I couldn't resist any longer: I had to try some. 
Kaitee, the founder of Moon Body Soul, was nothing but pleasant to work with. She was always super accommodating, friendly, and enthusiastic. Her excitement for her creations was contagious, and I felt so honored that she sent me anything. I will admit, I received these products free of charge, but this post is not sponsored (even if it was, I'd still include my own, honest opinion of the products). I also won't earn anything if you decide to buy something from Moon Body Soul. I simply adore their business and want to spread the word.
The best part about working with Kaitee was her generosity: I had told her I was most interested in the moon dust, moon ball, or the radiant rose body scrub, but I didn't expect her to send all of them. I would've been happy with just one! Instead she wound up sending me the radiant rose body scrub, the moon dust, and the konjac sponge (the last one was completely unexpected). Although I hadn't expressed interest in the sponge, she told me she had read my blog posts about my skin (probably my Juice Beauty review) and truly felt her konjac sponge could help me. I was shocked at her kindness (not only did she send me more than I thought she would, she also catered them to my blog - outstanding!). So as you could guess greenifiers, I'm already pretty in love with this company. Want to see what else I love? Keep reading. P.S.: The beautiful, high resolution pictures of each individual product aren't mine - they belong to Moon Body Soul. Kaitee was just kind enough to let me use them (enjoy!).


The Basics

About the company
This natural bath company has a unique source of inspiration: The moon. If you couldn't tell from their name (Moon Body Soul), all their products are inspired from the healing energy of the moon, as well as the natural abundance of the earth. Their products never contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives.They don't believe in "safe" synthetic ingredients - they believe in ingredients crafted by mother nature herself. The company currently offers seven bath and body goodies, all of which are never priced above $30 (depends on the size you want). Among these items are the Moon Ball (bath bomb), Moon Dust (bath soak), Cosmic Coffee (body scrub), Radiant Rose (body scrub), Moon Scrub (body scrub), Lunar Lemonade Scrub (body scrub), and the Half Moon Konjac Sponge (facial sponge). All of these goodies are designed to promote self care, align you with the moon's energy, and make bath time extra special. After all, the moon is connected to water (it controls the tides, remember?), so it's only fitting Moon Body Soul is all about bath time. To make sure people are connecting with the moon and all its wonderful phases, Moon Body Soul is creating a Monthly Moon Ball subscription program where you can sign up and receive two moon balls at the beginning of each month. The idea behind it is that you use one moon ball on the full moon, and one on the new moon. This will increase your connection to each moon phase even more and promote further relaxation and rejuvenation. This Monthly Moon Ball subscription option isn't available just yet, but it will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Perhaps the coolest part about Moon Body Soul is their emphasis on the moon's energy: They are one of the only companies I have ever encountered that loves the moon just as much as I do. They not only promote the practice of self love and pampering, but also encourage a spiritual, mind-body connection you would never get shopping at Bath and Body Works (don't shop there anyway - their products are toxic!). To top it all off, each purchase you make from Moon Body Soul will help them donate to WaterAid, an organization dedicated to providing clean water to everyone by 2030. Isn't that amazing? So if you're looking for a spiritual, moon-themed, natural bath experience that also gives to charity, this is the company for you. For more information (and stunning moon-focused visuals), check out Moon Body Soul's social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest


Why you want it: This beautiful bath soak will make you feel like you're not only a moon goddess, but a rose goddess too (is that a thing? - No idea). 

Its value: $9

My review: I was hoping I would get my hands on the moon ball or the moon dust, but either way they're essentially the same thing. This is literally the moon ball in powdered form, plus roses. In a way I'm glad I received this instead of the moon ball just because of the roses - you all know I'm rose obsessed (I think Kaitee knew that too). According to the instructions, all I had to do was add it to a nice, hot bath (preferably during the new or full moon). Using this moon dust during the new or full moon is optional, but it would enhance the effects, considering these products are designed to sync you to the moons energy. Either way, using them at any point in time is fine: The moon is always in the sky, after all, and these products have a short shelf life since they have no preservatives in them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to wait for the full or new moon, so I soaked during one of its other phases (I believe the start of the waxing phase - where the moon grows in appearance). I simply drew a bath, added the moon dust, and the rest is self explanatory. It was a lovely bath and it smelled amazing - after all, it did have roses in it as well as vanilla and lavender essential oil. It was such a luxurious experience that I stood in the tub at least 40 minutes to enjoy the full effects. The rose petals were not only there for aesthetic pleasure either - I used them to exfoliate my skin a little, which felt lovely. To make the bath even better, I added some of the radiant rose scrub as well - I'll talk more about that below, though. Suffice it to say when I left the bath, I was completely relaxed and smelled like a walking flower. I had already showered earlier, so the bath was just for unwinding (I didn't wash my body or hair while in the bath - I was simply using it to relax). I'm sure you could wash up while using this calming bath soak, but I really recommend using it to just treat yourself. It's a beautiful meditative experience that quiets your mind just as much as it relaxes your body. Bonus: Your skin will feel super soft afterwards. So go ahead and indulge!

Dried Rosebuds and Petals, Naturally Extracted Sodium Bicarbonate, 100% Organic Citric Acid, Magnesium Sulfate U.S.P, .Kaolin Clay, Organic Pure Grape Seed Oil, 100% Vitamin E Oil, 100% Pure Essential Lavender Oil, 100% Pure Essential Vanilla Absolute Oil & Love.


Why you want it: This scrub not only smells like roses but it'll keep your skin smooth for several hours after use!

Its value: $18-30 (depends on the size you want - 8 or 16 ounces)

My review: Who would've thought you could use a scrub when you're actually in a bathtub? Well, you can. While I was using the moon dust, I decided to also indulge in some of the radiant rose scrub. To apply it, all I had to do was scoop some out using my hands, rub it on my arms, and let it sit for a while. Since I had access to bath water, I just rinsed it off when I felt it was time to. I also put some on my legs, but this was a little tricky: Since I was already in the bath I kind of had to keep one leg out of the water in order to let the scrub do its thing (and not get washed off). It was pretty comedic, and in truth, I probably should've applied the scrub a few minutes before I got in the bath tub to avoid such a process. Regardless, I still made it work. After a few minutes of letting the scrub soak into one leg, I'd wash it off, then replicate the process with the next leg. Afterwards, my legs felt like heaven and smelled just as sweet. Its always been my dream to smell like a rose and this bath and scrub combo pretty much nailed it on the head. Not only did it make my skin super soft, but I felt super dreamy to top it all off. Rose is an aphrodisiac as well as a relaxing scent: Those two things combined are bound to put anyone in a good mood (don't get the wrong idea though - all I did was go to sleep afterwards). However, it certainly boosted my levels of self-appreciation and made me feel extra confident and beautiful. While scrubs are mainly a 'summer thing' (since every woman and their mother are showing off their legs and want them to be soft), I think they're even more important in the colder months due to how drying the cold can be. I don't know about you, but my skin hates the cold - I start developing dry, cracked, unappealing skin in the most random of areas (hands, feet, etc). My legs don't necessarily get dry - but they do get insanely itchy during the fall and winter, to the point I am driven mad. That's why I'm so grateful to have gotten my hands on this scrub. I'm excited to continue using it and making the most of it as the fall continues. I really think it'll help me not only keep that summery scent going (roses forever, baby), but also help my body adjust to colder weather.  

Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Pure Grape Seed Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Dried Rose Petals, 100% Vitamin E Oil, 100% Pure Rose Essential Oil, 100% Peru Balsam Essential Oil & Love.

Why you want it: This sponge is so much fun to watch as it expands in water right before your eyes - and it does a great job of exfoliating and clearing your skin too.

Its value: $12

My review: I've never used anything other than my own hands and a cleanser to clean my face, let alone a konjac sponge. But Kaitee thought it could help clear up my acne, so I was willing to give it a try. Besides, I had never heard of a konjac sponge before (don't judge me - I'm learning as I go along this green beauty journey), so I was excited to try something new. Apparently konjac has been used for 1,500 years to exfoliate and detoxify the body (and I only just heard about it now - amazing). The coolest part about this sponge is that it's perfect for sensitive skin and is naturally alkaline, which helps balance acidity in the skin's oils. This, combined with bamboo charcoal makes for a great acne-fighting duo: The charcoal bamboo helps reduce pores, inflammation, and breakouts. When I used the sponge, I was unsure of what to do first. The directions are simple enough to follow, so I wasn't lost for long. I liked how it was called a 'half moon' - since it really did look like the dark side of the moon. I used a small bowl (one I had got while in Francesca's - they sell the cutest knick knacks) and filled it up with warm water, then plopped the konjac sponge in. Before adding the sponge to any water, it was kind of hard and crunchy (texture wise - not taste wise). But after I left the konjac sponge in the water for at least 5-10 minutes (the website says it can take up to 15, but I usually left it for less), it was super squishy and soft. It retained a lot of water (makes sense - it's a sponge), so I had to squeeze it a few times before using it (otherwise it would drip down my arm and make a watery mess on the counter). I loved adding some of favorite EWG-approved cleanser to it too (MyChelle, Refining Sugar Cleanser - go to my Shop My Blog page if you want to find it): I just put a drop no bigger than the size of a dime on the fully expanded sponge and started scrubbing my face. You don't have to add a cleanser to it, I just chose to (it helped get rid of the makeup I had on better that way, since I only used the sponge at night). I scrubbed in small, slow, circular motions all over my face for at least a minute or two. Although I did use the konjac sponge on my eyes and acne, I made sure to be extra gentle on these areas, as Moon Body Soul cautions harsh scrubbing in those places can cause irritation. I might add never once did this sponge cause me irritation in any way, shape or form, so I guess I'm using it right (and it being a great product doesn't hurt). Anyway, when I was done, I simply rinsed my face off, then rinsed off the sponge and hung it to dry. The coolest part about this sponge is that it can last for a while, but should be replaced every 4-6 weeks. I was very impressed with the results: My skin was so soft afterwards and after a couple of days, I noticed a vast improvement in my skin. My pimples started to vanish and are currently few in numbers (thank god). I seriously recommend this to people who love cleansing their skin using a sponge. Even if you never have, just remember I didn't either and I wound up loving it. I also recommend this to anyone suffering from acne - it's a game changer and definitely worth a shot.

100% Natural Konjac infused with Bamboo Charcoal (Yes, it's really that simple!)


The (quick) rundown

The pros: The pros heavily outweigh the cons.
  1. I really admire Moon Body Soul's standards for clean bath and body products.
  2. I still have more left over from almost every product - hard to not use all the moon dust in one place!
  3. I really loved how the moon was incorporated into each product and how incredibly simple each ingredient list was.
  4. I'm lunar obsessed - Haven't you green beauties read my articles for MindBodyGreen?
  5. The logo was beautiful and really created a simple, clean, and spiritual vibe that went with the company very well.
  6. I love how the mind-body connection was stressed on Moon Body Soul's site.
  7. Kaitee was one of the sweetest, most enthusiastic people I've worked with yet - she gave me more than expected!
  8. I absolutely loved each product and have little to no complaints about them (a rarity).
  9. Each product is fairly affordable ($30 max).
  10. If you're spiritual, you'll love these products because they vibrate at a very high level (probably because they're made to align you with the moon's healing energy - and were made with love). 
  11. Purchasing these items (or any others from Moon Body Soul) will help Kaitee keep creating more moon-themed goodies.
The cons: There are none...
  1. I need more of these products in my life. That is all.
Conclusion: I know it seems odd my cons list is so low (and practically a joke), but I mean it. There's nothing bad about these products (at least from my perspective). I truly recommend you try them out for yourself - you'll see why I have absolutely nothing bad to say as soon as you do. Not to mention I see a lot of potential in this company - Kaitee is just starting to make her dreams come true. She's a very determined, outgoing, bright woman. I can only say great things about her and strive to be as successful as her one day. So if you want to indulge in some amazing natural bath goodies (or know someone who needs to pamper themselves a little more), make a mark of this company. They're going places.

Review: Plant Makeup

By: Ariana Palmieri
Ever want to be like Poison Ivy and just become part-plant? Now you can (sort of) with this amazing, completely plant-based makeup line. Plant Makeup (or Good4You on Etsy) is one of those brands that will make you feel like you belong in an enchanted forest somewhere. I'm absolutely in love with their line and adore the way they present themselves with stunning, crisp images that make me want to buy their whole collection (seriously, you need to check this company out). Want to see which goodies I got, what I thought, and receive a discount code for your own first purchase with Plant Makeup? Then keep reading greenifiers! 


Plant Makeup
The Basics

About the company
One of the most inspiring makeup companies I've ever reviewed, Plant Makeup is fully dedicated to communing with nature in a way most conventional beauty brands wouldn't dream of. In 2004, Jes, the company founder, began her journey with Plant Makeup (then only known as Good4You). She became interested in the healing power of plants when she discovered the language of plants in a medicinal herb greenhouse. Fascinated, she felt driven to "be the voice of nature in our modern era" and started an organic line of herbal teas. This slowly transitioned into beauty products and botanical fragrances that incorporated ancient beauty secrets, as time went on. Her shop is flourishing, and she has sold over 8,000 products on Etsy alone. Using only the highest quality plants she has either grown, foraged, or bought, her products practically scream authentic. After all, she puts in a tremendous amount of time to grow, pick, and create all her makeup ingredients. If that's not enough, she's also an advocate for conservation and because of this, her products are often small and seasonal. The coolest part about all this? Plant Makeup products come wrapped in up-cycled/ recycled/compostable packaging that's bike-peddled to the post office, then sent to you. How eco-friendly can you get? Jes is also an artist, so her beautiful artwork will often appear alongside your goodies (I got a stunning rose sticker in mine that she made herself). You can see more of her artwork and amazing products on her website, or on social media. Check her out on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You won't be sorry.

Bonus - Discount code: Want 15% off your first purchase with Plant Makeup? Thought so. Just use this code to get it: PLANTMAKEUPLOVE. It expires 12/31/16, so enjoy it before the year is up! This code works on their official website, but doesn't appear to work on their Etsy.


Lilac Lip Balm

Why you want it: This beautifully scented lip balm will leave your lips nourished and smooth, without any stickiness.

Its value: $14 (with code PLANTMAKEUPLOVE, it would be $11.90 )

My review: The color of this lip balm is such a pretty grape color that the scent actually reminds me of grapes. I have to keep reminding myself it's lilac. Either way, it's a lovely scent and a great lip balm. I just use my finger to scoop some out, then swipe some on my lips. It's very nourishing and provides my lips with instant hydration. Out of all the lip balms I've ever used, this one literally gets absorbed into my lips. I can feel it working on my lips in a way other lip balms do not. It will dissipate as time goes on, and it doesn't last too long, but I'm okay with that. Every time I use it, it makes my lips feel a thousand times better. I don't really use it for its color: It's not very pigmented and leaves a very clear, barely visible coat on my lips. However, I'm kind of glad it didn't have a strong pigment because it brought out the natural, beautiful color of my lips. It made me appreciate them just as they are. Plus, it didn't make my lips feel sticky (and they were totally boyfriend approved, ahem). I truly recommend this lip balm to those who suffer from flaky, dehydrated lips, or simply want to prepare for the colder months ahead. After all, fall and winter tend to be harsh on not only your skin, but your lips too (they're very sensitive to temperature changes, after all!).

Purveyed certified organic + fair trade virgin unrefined cold pressed coconut oil from the Philippines (Cocos nucifera), purveyed certified organic + fair trade cocoa butter from Peru (Theobroma cacao), local beeswax from USA + purveyed certified organic alkanet powder from Pakistan (Alkanna tinctoria) + love.


Sea Foam Eye Shadow Powder

Why you want it: For the days you want to connect with your inner sea siren.

Its value: $10 (with code PLANTMAKEUPLOVE, it would be $8.50 )

My review: What's interesting about Plant Makeup is that most of their products are very light, not just in color, but in pigment. This eye shadow is no different: I had to apply layers of it in order to really get the color on my lids. The color is more subtle than I was expecting. I would've liked it to be a little more pigmented so I could see the pretty sea foam color on my eyelids better. In the container it's a more distinguished sea foam color, but on my skin it almost appears white. It applied smoothly, but it was a little crumbly and I had to be careful trace amounts of it didn't fall on my cheek. After application, I found myself wiping my cheeks a lot because it would crumble onto them. Altogether, it wasn't a bad experience, but not exactly the one I was looking for. However, I will say this: There's something about this eye shadow (along with all the other makeup), that has a spiritual vibe to it. I have a feeling Jes put a lot of loving intention into making each batch. Plus, the plants she used were very pure, which would definitely create a higher vibration. After all, the part I love the most about this eye shadow is the ingredients list: It's pronounceable, safe, and natural. The ingredients list even tells you where everything is sourced from (most businesses would never do that). I can feel safe about putting this eye shadow on. Not to mention I have other eye shadows that go great with it that bring out its color. I recommend this eye shadow to anyone who's looking for a loose powdered, sea-inspired shade that's subtle, but elegant. Not to mention, this particular product is vegan (not all their products are vegan, but here's a vegan guide they created to show you which are), cruelty-free, non-GMO, and handmade. If that's not something to love, I'm not sure what is.

Sustainably sourced kaolin clay from USA, ethically wild harvested chlorella from Japan (Chlorella vulgaris), purveyed certified organic aloe vera powder from India (aloe vera), sustainably sourced French green clay + love.


Pink Rose Eye Shadow Powder

Why you want it: You get to paint your eyelids with literal roses - what can be better than that?

Its value: $10 (with code PLANTMAKEUPLOVE, it would be $8.50 )

My review: Roses are my weakness, so of course I had to give this eye shadow a try. It's all well and good when a product is named after a flower, but when the flower named is actually in the product, it's something to get excited about. When applying this beautiful, lightly colored eye shadow, I quickly realized it was identical in application to the sea foam eye shadow. It wasn't very pigmented, and had a slightly drying, crumbly feel to it. Often times it would fall onto my cheek. While I didn't mind that too much (easy enough to wipe off), I would've liked to see the pink color just a little bit more. I had to really layer it in order to get a nice shade of pink on my lids, but even then it was almost white in color. I think if I ever order more eye shadows from this company, I'll try out the darker colors (despite my love for all things rose). It's clear that what they said on their website is true: Their makeup applies very light to the skin, considering they don't contain any harsh chemicals. Since their main ingredient is plants, they cannot achieve the crazy colors most conventional makeup products do. This is important to note when buying any of their products. So while I wish this eye shadow was a little more pigmented, I understand why it's not and value the standards Plant Makeup lives up to. That said, I still recommend it to the fellow rose fanatics out there!

Naturally occurring kaolin clay from USA, purveyed certified organic rose petal powder from Morocco (Rosa Damascena), sustainably sourced French red clay + love.


Rose Blush Powder

Why you want it: This subtly colored blush is just enough to give your cheeks a gentle pink tint.

Its value: $20 (with code PLANTMAKEUPLOVE, it would be $17 )

My review: I received this as a sample version, instead of the full size, but I still have some left over. It's a cute little sample, and if you're interested in sampling any of their products, you can find most of them here (they usually cost about $3 each). Here's the funniest part about this powder's essentially the same thing as the rose eye shadow powder. Look at the ingredients list below and you'll see it's practically identical to the rose eye shadow powder, aside from one ingredient: Pure sericite mica. It sure applies the same way though, in the sense the pigment is light. I had to layer it on my cheeks in order to see any difference (my skin is fairly light, so that didn't help much). I should've realized that this blush was pretty much the same as the eye shadow, but again, the allure of the rose caught me. Not like there's anything to worry about, the ingredients are all the same, making them 100 percent safe. I think next time I'll give a darker blush from them a try, like their light beet blush powder or their hibiscus blush powder. Still, with that said, I don't necessarily regret getting this blush because I can also use it as a body highlighter, or as a replacement for the rose eye shadow when it runs out (or vice versa). I recommend this to anyone who enjoys roses just like me, and loves subtle, light hues to compliment their already gorgeous skin.

Purveyed certified organic arrowroot powder from India (Maranta arundinacea), purveyed certified organic rose powder from Morocco (Rosa damascena), sustainably sourced French pink clay, pure sericite mica + love.


The (quick) rundown

The pros: The pros heavily outweigh the cons.
  1. I really admire Plant Makeup's standards for clean beauty.
  2. I still have more left over from each product.
  3. I really loved how plants were incorporated into each product and how incredibly simple each ingredient list was.
  4. The packaging was beautiful, completely eco-friendly, and included stunning artwork Jes, the founder, made herself.
  5. I love how Plant Makeup also provides a Vegan Guide for those who want to buy vegan-only makeup.
  6. Jes was very kind and accommodating to work with, especially when she gave me a 15% off code to share with all of you (PLANTMAKEUPLOVE)!
  7. Speaking of discount codes, this is the first company to ever give me one to share with all of you, and that deserves a shout out on its own!
  8. Each product is fairly affordable ($20 max).
  9. If you're spiritual, you'll love these products because they vibrate at a very high level (probably because they're made out of high quality plants and infused with love). 
  10. Purchasing these items would only help Jes create more of these amazing, plant-based products.
The cons: Barely any cons (I mean seriously)!
  1. I would've liked the products I got to have a little more pigment, but to be fair the site does say their products have a lighter pigment than conventional brands.
  2. I wasn't too crazy about the crumbly nature of the eye shadows and the blush: When I applied the eye shadows and the blush it kind of dried out my skin a little and the eye shadow would crumble onto my cheeks a lot.
  3. I kind-of, sort of, accidentally got two products that were practically identical (the rose eye shadow and the rose blush), but I'll be sure to make the most of them!
Conclusion: All in all, I cannot complain. This company is definitely worth looking into, and I can see myself ordering something from them again soon. After all, there's more than just makeup to try! Jes has so many things for sale from makeup to skincare to aromatherapy blends. It would be hard to resist trying them all! I truly wish Jes the best and greatly admire the journey she is on. She's an inspiration to me, and one day, I hope to find an even deeper way to connect with plants and nature, just like she did. For now, this blog (and my container garden) will have to do.