Zero waste the easy way.

Food Waste

Americans waste 40 percent of their food. Lets work together to change that!

food waste recycling
A Mega List of Food Waste Recycling Options

reduce food waste
3 Reasons to Reduce Food Waste

composting in an apartment
The Ultimate Guide to Composting in an Apartment

fight food waste
5 Ways to Fight Food Waste: Plan, Store, Thrift, Donate and Compost

reduce water waste
5 Ways to Reduce Water Waste

almond pulp hummus
Zero Waste Almond Pulp Hummus

zero waste vegetable broth
Zero Waste Vegetable Broth From Food Scraps


  1. Hi Ariana,

    We love what your doing with this blog and the messaging around #zerowaste! Just connected with you on social media via @cherripickapp and would love to share updates from your blog.

    We are on a mission to reduce food waste in grocery stores by offering shoppers cashback for buying items within 3 days of expiration. Easy, simple, and effective way of tackling a huge problem in food retailers. Would love to chat more about how we can bring awareness to each other's efforts.


    J.C. Milam
    [email protected]

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