Zero waste the easy way.

Zero Waste Cough Drops

Zero Waste Cough Drops

Want to try your hand at making zero waste cough drops? You should! It's super fun and a really great way to soothe a sore throat. Traditional cough drops have a lot of packaging waste that can easily add up when you're feeling under the weather. And most of the wrappers (and bags) are made from plastic. You can avoid the waste (and questionable ingredients) inside conventional cough drops by making your own. 

Zero Waste Halloween Candy

Zero Waste Halloween Candy

Does zero waste Halloween candy exist? Well, almost. Not quite. To be truly zero waste, the candy would have to come completely package free, and a lot of places advise against handing out package free treats. Or, they'd have to be made from scratch. But unless you know the kids you're giving these treats to, making things from scratch isn't an option. That said, there are some ways around it. In this post, I'm sharing with you fun, easy ways to get some zero waste Halloween candy. You just got to get a little creative! But trust me when I say, there are plenty of low waste candy options. 

Zero Waste Cleaning: Lavender Vinegar Cleaner

Lavender Vinegar Cleaner

Ever try making lavender vinegar cleaner? I really love the way vinegar cleans things, but it honestly smells to high heaven. That's why I'm glad you can actually infuse vinegar so easily with pleasant smelling herbs. I've done it before with my orange peel vinegar cleaner, and now I'm doing it with this lavender vinegar cleaner. It's not hard to make at all, and it looks and smells beautiful. The color is out of this world from the moment the vinegar touches the lavender buds.

5 Zero Waste Lunch Ideas

Zero Waste Lunch Ideas

Looking for some zero waste lunch ideas? Sometimes it's hard to think of a recipe right off the top of your head. Plus, there's the added pressure of not creating any waste. I get it: You want something that's tasty and waste free. So that's why I'm here to help! Lunch is a really important part of the day: It often gets ignored, but it can help you sustain your energy level and help you from burning out. In college, I wish I took lunch more seriously. I would often forego it entirely, or buy cheap unhealthy, wasteful ramen. If you know anything about ramen, you know it comes in a styrofoam cup and is loaded with salt. Yeah, not the best option. Looking back, I wish I did some meal prep ahead of time and came to school with one of these lunches instead. If you go to school or go to work, never deprive yourself of food. Your body deserves the best, so it's important to feed it the best! These lunches are not only healthy, but they're designed with the environment in mind. I recommend getting all the ingredients for them from the farmers market or bulk food store. I also talk about how to store them without any waste. Without further ado, here's 5 zero waste lunch ideas to stuff your face with.