Zero waste the easy way.

A Mega List of Food Waste Recycling Options

food waste recycling

Food waste is a topic I'm super passionate about. Coming from a big Italian family, we were all taught to eat everything on our plates. We'd eat leftovers for lunch the next day, or my dad would take those leftovers and transform them into a completely new dish for dinner. Doing this really helped us save money, and reduced the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being put into the atmosphere. Still - despite all our best efforts, some food waste was inevitable: Food scraps like eggshells, tea bags, banana skins, and coffee grounds always found their way into the trash. But did they really have to? Quickly, I discovered there were tons of solutions to this extra food waste dilemma. That's where food waste recycling comes in: There are so many ways to make sure your food scraps (the items you can't ingest) don't become part of the waste stream. In today's post, I'm going to talk to you guys about food waste recycling programs, waste collection, composting, and so much more. There are so many creative ways to recycle food, no matter what city you live in, or how big a space you have. Here's how to support food waste recycling.

Zero Waste Lip + Cheek Stain

zero waste lip and cheek stain

This zero waste lip and cheek stain is so easy to make. Seriously, it is. I was looking through my freezer the other day and found tons of raspberries. If you love raspberries, you know they tend to stain just about anything they touch when crushed. So, I decided to do a little improvising, and guess what? This natural lip and cheek stain was born. It's a great way to use up all those raspberries, other than devouring them (yay for preventing food waste). Raspberries are also in season right now, so you can definitely find them plastic free at your farmers market. You can also try making a lip stain from beet powder or beet juice, but I don't prefer it simply because it's much harder to juice or powder a beet. Plus, I don't have access to beet powder in bulk, and I don't have a dehydrator to make it from scratch. Thankfully, this raspberry lip and cheek tint is just as good. Made from only two ingredients, you're going to absolutely love its simplicity. The other amazing thing about it? The color actually LASTS on your skin. So why shop around when you can literally make your own from scratch? Here's how to make zero waste lip and cheek stain.

Zero Waste Hair Spray

zero waste hair spray

Does zero waste hair spray exist? Yes, yes it does my friends, and I'm here to tell you all about it. Stop whatever you're using right now and switch to this. Please. It will save you SO much money and you'll question why you even decided to waste money buying hair spray to begin with. Plus, not to mention, conventional hair spray is loaded with a bunch of questionable ingredients. It's also terrible for the environment. While aerosol cans aren't depleting the ozone layer anymore with CFCs, according to Scientific American, they still contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases infamous for their contribution to global warming. So, essentially, every time you go to spray your hair, you're just raising your own carbon footprint (albeit slowly). You know what I say to that? Lets eliminate that risk entirely by making our own non toxic hair spray!