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5 Zero Waste Winter Activities to Do This Season

zero waste winter activities

I love living in tune with the seasons, and easily get excited whenever a new one approaches. Summer will always be my favorite season (warm days and delicious fruits abound), but there is a certain charm to winter. The cold has a way of bringing people together, making them reflect on things come to pass. I consider myself a pretty deep person who easily gets lost in her thoughts, so winter really brings out that side of me, and I'm perfectly comfortable with that. I also love that cozy feeling I get while  cuddling up with a good book in my toasty home as it snows outside. It makes me feel safe, warm and protected. Winter brings to mind snowy landscapes, barren trees, hardy vegetables, and warm hot cocoa. There's something about winter that makes you slow down and cherish all you have. It's also not as barren as most people think: I absolutely love winter produce and will definitely be talking about it later on in the post. So, if you want to get into the winter spirit, reduce your waste and live seasonally, you're in the right place. Here are 5 zero waste winter activities to do before the season ends!

50 Last Minute Zero Waste Gifts + How to Wrap Them Waste Free

last minute zero waste gifts

In need of some awesome last minute zero waste gifts? I hear you: Christmas is right around the corner and you need something fast. But fast doesn't mean your gift can't be ethical and sustainable!  Most of the gifts you'll find on this list can be homemade, making them even more special (in my humble opinion). You might already have the ingredients or materials needed to make them lying around your home. Other gifts may have to be purchased somewhere. I recommend checking your local farmers market, artisan soap makers, flee markets, vintage shops and thrift stores for last minute gifts, when in doubt. You never know what you'll find there: One of my farmers markets sells amazing goat milk soaps and hand crafted beeswax candles carved into beautiful shapes. Who wouldn't want that as a gift? Just remember: Gifting is about sharing kindness with one another. The price tag doesn't matter so much (what matters is it came from the heart). So don't stress over how much you spend!

Zero Waste Christmas Decorations

zero waste christmas decorations

What does it mean to have zero waste Christmas decorations? To me, it means reusing the same decorations passed down from generation to generation. Every Christmas, my family pulls out a big container full of ornaments and decorations from storage. We've reused these same decor items for years, meaning we don't have to go out and buy new ones every year. Most of the Christmas decorations have a lot of sentimental value to us too: Ornaments I made when I was a little girl; beautiful glass ornaments my mother has from her grandmother; Decor given to us by cherished loved ones. All of it has a history, making decorating special to us (so there's no way we'd throw it out). We don't decorate around the house too much - largely we focus on our Christmas tree. We don't use tinsel or adorn the tree in bows and ribbons. In fact, all we wrap it in is lights - lights we've kept in good shape for years. All other decorations pretty much live in our living room and dining room, but they're nothing over the top. Maybe a statue of Santa, a plushie of Rudolf, or a snow globe here and there. What truly matters to us is the warmth in our home. Anyone who steps foot into our apartment can feel it: The love we have for each other and the good will we bare. And isn't that what this season is all about? Spreading joy and good will to all? 

Zero Waste Christmas Cookies: Perfectly Imperfect Gingerbread Cookies

Zero Waste Christmas Cookies

Funny story about these zero waste Christmas cookies: They're gingerbread cookies that look like sugar cookies. There's a reason for that. I didn't have any brown sugar on hand (or at least I thought I didn't at the time of baking them - I later found out we did in fact have some in the cupboard my mom stowed away, out of sight). So, thanks to that little mishap, the cookies are a lot whiter and less brown than traditional gingerbread cookies. But you know what? It doesn't matter. They still taste absolutely delicious, and just like a gingerbread cookie too. There were other things about this recipe that didn't go as planned as well: I didn't have molasses so I used honey instead; Didn't have baking sheets so I used pizza pans instead; Didn't have gingerbread men cutouts so I used star cookie cutters instead. And you know what? My cookies still came out absolutely, undeniably tasty. I was taught a powerful lesson today (by myself, no less). The lesson is: Use what you have. Make do with the ingredients at hand. It's pretty wasteful to go out and buy a product if you have something that can be used in its place. After all, we as Americans consume a lot of stuff (especially during the holidays). It's so much better for the environment if we just take a moment to buy less and use what we already have. After all, that's what zero waste living is all about, right? Without further ado, here's how to make some zero waste Christmas cookies (that just so happen to look like sugar cookies).