Zero waste the easy way.

Zero Waste Vegetable Broth from Food Scraps

zero waste vegetable broth

Ever since I was little my mom has always called me a soup head. For good reason: I love my soup, no matter the season or occasion. But you know what I don't like? Most store-bought broth. If you check the ingredients on store bought broth, you'll more than likely find loads of salt. Not exactly healthy. Plus, store-bought broth is typically packaged in containers lined with plastic, and BPA free or not, I'd rather not expose my soup to plastic. Not to mention even organic broth comes in wasteful single-use packaging. That's why I've found a way to make my own broth at home, without spending any additional money. Using food scraps, instead of discarding them, I've started making some zero waste vegetable broth worthy of my soups. This isn't a new idea by far, so I can't claim this is something I started (its been done for years by many a wiser person than me). But I can say it's definitely worth sharing.

6 Zero Waste Spring Cleaning Tips

zero waste spring cleaning

By: Ariana Palmieri

Over the course of the winter, I must admit I barely clean my room. Dust piles up, items sneak their way onto my desk and my closet looks like a tornado hit it. But come spring? The weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining, and I'm ready to detox everything negative from my life. That's how I know it's time for some zero waste spring cleaning! Just the other day, I tackled my room: I practically gutted my closet, dusted every nook and cranny and donated a bunch of items I no longer find useful. It's amazing how many items you keep and hold onto over the weeks, months and years. I often have trouble letting go of my items, but sometimes, you just have to. I always make sure everything gets a second chance at life though: I never just throw things away. Donating old toys from 10+ years ago, clothes I barely wear, and books I don't read are all part of the zero waste way. It's honestly freeing to let them go, and it's good to know they won't go to waste! If you're thinking about spring cleaning your room (or entire house), here are six zero waste spring cleaning tips I have to offer you.

Zero Waste Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses: How to Recycle Them

zero waste contact lenses and eyeglasses

By: Ariana Palmieri

I must admit, my eye sight is not the best. Ever since I was little I've needed glasses, and just a few years ago I switched over to contacts. Yes, I'm aware that contacts are very wasteful, but I personally prefer them (I like how I look in them better and how my vision improves with them). I still use glasses (only when I'm home or I'm in for the night), but I always wear contacts while I'm out and about. Up until one year ago, I hadn't thought about the impact wearing glasses or contacts had on the environment. I was using one-a-day contacts you toss out after one single use (talk about wasteful). Then, after being enlightened by the zero waste movement, I found there were better options available. So yes, there is such a thing as zero waste contact lenses and eyeglasses. Here's how you can avoid sending your contacts (and glasses) to a landfill by recycling them properly. It's easier than you may think!

How to Be Zero Waste at the Movies

zero waste at the movies

By: Ariana Palmieri

I'll be honest: My boyfriend and I are frequent movie goers. We both like action and sci-fi movies best, so whenever a good one comes out we're on top of it. He's a huge fan of Star Wars specifically, so that's always a given, and I love super hero movies (omg, have you seen Infinity Wars yet?? GO). But I must admit, being zero waste at the movies isn't always easy. With all the ticket stubs they give out, the plastic-wrapped candies, the plastic-lined buckets of popcorn...all of it can be quite wasteful. Worse yet, my movie theater doesn't even have recycling. They just dump everything into the trash. That's why I decided, whenever I could, I would do my best to keep my waste at a minimum while at the movies. I never purchase candy there (just popcorn), and that's easier to make at home and bring in a glass jar (stashed in my bag of course). Maybe at some point I'll try to talk to the theater about changing their wasteful practices, but until then, I'll at least do my part. Since I'm sure I'm not the only zero waste movie goer, I figured it would be a good idea to share my tips and tricks with all of you greenifiers too. I've even included a sample letter (at the bottom of the post) you can use in case you decide to contact your local theater about introducing more zero waste options! Now without further ado, here's how to be zero waste at the movies.