Zero waste the easy way.

Zero Waste Dish Soap

zero waste dish soap

Do you know what's in your dish soap? I can confidently say what's in mine (just 3 harmless ingredients), but it wasn't always that way. Just recently, I convinced my parents to let me make some zero waste dish soap so they'd stop buying conventional products. I'm not sure if you're aware, but not only are conventional brands packaged in plastic, but they're also filled with water-polluting chemicals. Nasty ingredients like fragrance, methylisothiazolinone (what the heck right?), sodium lauryl sulfate, and more chemicals you can't even pronounce are in conventional brands. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Dawn's Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid (Original) has these harmful ingredients (and way more), which poses a high environmental concern. These chemicals enter waterways (and get on human skin!) every time we wash dishes with them. I'm just not comfortable letting those chemicals touch me, my family, or waterways, so I gave this DIY dish soap a try.

Zero Waste Recipe: Quick Cashew Milk

quick cashew milk

By: Ariana Palmieri

Anybody up for some quick cashew milk? I know I am: I'm rather impatient (at least when it comes to food), so I like really simple, time efficient recipes. A lot of cashew milk recipes I see online require you to soak the cashews for at least 3 hours, or overnight. Yawn. No thanks. If you don't feel like soaking cashews (or any nuts) for hours just to get milk, I hear you. That's why I decided to share this zero waste recipe for quick cashew milk: It only takes about 30 minutes to make. No soaking, no straining and no nut pulp: Just creamy, delicious, plant-based milk.

Zero Waste Cleaning: Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner

orange peel vinegar

By: Ariana Palmieri

Recently, I posted a photo on Instagram of my (at the time, unfinished) orange peel vinegar cleaner: It got a lot of likes and so many people expressed interest in making some. That's why I figured it'd be a good idea to share the recipe on my blog, along with my opinion of it as a cleaner. It's really not hard to make at all and makes for easy zero waste cleaning. Oh, and it smells amazing.

Zero Waste Recipe: No Bake Vegan Chocolate Bites

By: Ariana Palmieri

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you always appreciate the taste of chocolate. While I do prefer organic chocolate, even that comes in a wasteful wrapper. What's a girl to do? Well, thankfully I've devised a zero waste recipe for no bake vegan chocolate bites and it's absolutely amazing. Because this recipe is vegan and no bake, it only takes an hour or so to make (and most of that hour is spent waiting for the chocolate to harden in the freezer). It's only got 3 ingredients (cocoa, coconut oil and maple syrup) making it extra easy and extra healthy. Gift them to give your sweetie on Valentine's Day (or eat them by yourself, watching some Netflix - I don't judge). Either way they'll be sure to please. What more could you ask for?