10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

Not sure about you, but conventional mouthwash has a way of burning my mouth. I literally cannot wait to spit it out. This is thanks to the alcohol content in it – but have you ever stopped to think about the other ingredients too? Like what gives it such a bright neon color? Lets not forget all the packaging waste: Over 500 million plastic mouthwash bottles end up in landfills every year. That’s enough to wrap around the earth three times! As someone with sensitive gums, and a desire to help the planet, I’ve decided to roundup my favorite zero waste mouthwash alternatives.

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10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options

10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

Is mouthwash eco-friendly?

Conventional mouthwash isn’t eco-friendly because it comes in a plastic bottle (which is made from virgin plastic, aka crude oil that was unsustainably extracted from the ground). While many recycling facilities accept plastic mouthwash bottles for recycling, as many as 500 million still find their way to landfill every year (so something tells me recycling isn’t the answer here!).

Plus, many mouthwashes contain questionable ingredients, like dyes, which give them those bright unnatural colors. These serve no purpose other than to help them stand out from competition. Is that really something we want in our mouths, or going down the drain? The best option is a plastic-free, all-natural mouthwash that’s efficient. Better yet, one that’s refillable!

Is Listerine biodegradable?

For something to be biodegradable, it simply means it has to break down. There’s a stark contrast between compostable vs. biodegradable and I advise knowing the difference. In summary, Listerine may be biodegradable, but it isn’t compostable. Thus, mouthwash can negatively impact water quality and affect the behavior of aquatic organisms after they make their way from the drain
to streams or rivers.

What is a natural alternative to mouthwash?

A natural alternative to mouthwash would be hydrogen peroxide (in very small amounts, mixed with water), baking soda (mixed into some water), or peppermint oil (a few drops blended with water), apple cider vinegar (mixed with water). Personally, I prefer the zero waste mouthwash listed in this post!

What is the healthiest mouthwash to use?

The healthiest mouthwash to use doesn’t have alcohol, dyes, or unknown additives inside it. It’s got simple, natural ingredients you can easily research. Ideally, it’s efficient and effective too and will leave your mouth feeling fresh without stinging or cheek peeling.

I have very sensitive gums and every time I used conventional mouthwash with or without alcohol, I couldn’t wait to spit it out. It would always sting my mouth. Now, I use Nix – but I’ll also be trying Huppy and Geoorganics soon (both of which made this list). I truly love Nix and highly recommend it for sensitive gums like mine! And my dentist said I have seriously clean teeth too (so it absolutely works).

Can I make my own mouthwash?

You can make your own mouthwash relatively easily by upcycling a glass jar and combining some distilled water, baking soda and peppermint essential oil. Just give it a good shake and it’s ready for use. You can also make my homemade zero waste mouthwash using fresh peppermint leaf – always a winner!

What are the best zero waste mouthwash brands?

Glad you asked! I’ve rounded up 10 of the best zero waste mouthwash brands around – and I wouldn’t be surprised if I updated this list as time went on. So be sure to bookmark it or pin it for later!

These brands utilize all-natural ingredients, innovative packaging, and great businesses practices. All of them are worth a place in my medicine cabinet (and yours too!).

By Human Kind: 10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

1. By Human Kind

  • Refillable mouthwash tablets
  • Just add water (dissolvable)
  • Silicone tablet holder nests inside glass cup – can be separated for TSA-friendly travel.
  • Alcohol-free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Refills are shipped in a 100% compostable pouch
  • 100% carbon neutral

Image credit: By Human Kind

Geoorganics: 10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

2. Geoorganics

  • Mouthwash tablets
  • Just add water (dissolvable)
  • Natural ingredients
  • Based in the UK
  • Comes in recyclable/reusable glass bottle with metal lid

Image credit: Geoorganics

Huppy: 10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

3. Huppy

  • Refillable mouthwash tablets
  • Chew, sip water, swish, spit, rinse
  • Cool mint flavor
  • Natural ingredients
  • Alcohol-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • TSA-friendly + portable

Image credit: Huppy

Bite: 10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

4. Bite

  • Refillable mouthwash tablets
  • Compostable refills
  • Made with nHAp (a non-flouride alternative)
  • Cruelty-free

Image credit: Bite

Nix: 10 Zero Waste Mouthwash Options For Fresh Breath + Great Oral Hygiene

5. Nix

  • Refillable mouthwash crystals
  • Comes in a recyclable/reusable glass jar
  • Just 10 natural ingredients
  • Just add water (dissolvable)
  • Alcohol-free
  • Each jar lasts for 4-6 months

Image credit: Nix

Birch Babe

6. Birch Babe

  • 99% Organic mouthwash
  • Comes in a glass bottle with metal lid
  • Alcohol-free
  • Vegan + cruelty-free

Image credit: Birch Babe

Organic Zero Waste Shop

7. Organic Zero Waste Shop

  • Himalayan Salt Mouthwash
  • Handmade
  • Alcohol-free
  • Cruelty-free + vegan
  • Recyclable glass bottle + aluminum lid

Image credit: Organic Zero Waste Shop, Etsy

Blue Haven Holistics

8. Blue Haven Holistics

  • Oil pulling mouthwash
  • Reusable/recyclable 8oz glass container
  • Organic ingredients
  • Swish approximately 2-3 teaspoons of oil in the mouth, spit + rinse with water

Image credit: Blue Haven Holistics

Mia Botanica

9. Mia Botanica

  • Oregano oil mouthwash
  • Handmade in New York
  • Small business
  • Organic ingredients
  • Alcohol-free
  • 4oz glass jar available

Image credit: Mia Botanical

10. Lucky Teeth

  • Organic whitening mouthwash
  • 16 oz glass bottle
  • Comes with a bamboo cup to dispense liquid
  • Plastic free packaging materials
  • Vegan + cruelty-free
  •  Free of alcohol, sugar, fluoride, glycerin & gluten

Image credit: Lucky Teeth

So, what do you think of these zero waste mouthwash options? Drop your favorites in the comments below!

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By Ariana Storniolo (Palmieri)

Ariana Storniolo is the founder of Greenify-Me, a blog dedicated to zero waste and sustainability. Her work has also been featured on Going Zero Waste, Green Matters, Mother Earth Living and several other online publications.

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