How to Create a Zero Waste To Go Kit

How to Create a Zero Waste To Go Kit
zero waste to go kit

Creating a zero waste to go kit is such a simple and effective way to curb waste on the go. If you’re familiar with any zero waster, chances are you’ve noticed we each have our own unique zero waste to go kit. 
For example, one staple of a zero waste to go kit is definitely a reusable water bottle. But that doesn’t mean every zero waster will have the same exact water bottle. Kathryn from Going Zero Waste loves her Klean Kanteen water bottle, Polly from Green Indy Blog utilizes her Ello water bottle, and I love my hot pink Swell water bottle. And guess what? They’re all functioning parts of our own unique zero waste kits. It doesn’t matter we don’t use the same items. What matters is our kits, though different and personalized to our needs and tastes, help us combat waste wherever we go. And trust me, they do their job.

It doesn’t cost much to make your own kit and it’s honestly fun to customize. Want to give it a try? Here’s how to make your very own zero waste to go kit.


Why do I need a zero waste to go kit?

Simple: To reduce waste on the road. Whenever I’m out and about, little things like beverages and snacks can produce a lot of waste. However, I eliminate that threat by simply having my zero waste to go kit handy. It cuts back on trash and helps me live my values. What more could I want?


What’s in a zero waste to go kit?

It really depends on the zero waster! For example, in mine, I have a hot pink stainless steel water bottle; reusable straws made from glass, bamboo and metal; two cloth napkins; a stainless steel travel mug with a pineapple design; a reusable bag with a pouch; a multi-utensil holder with stainless steel cutlery. Those were my personal choices, and they all work for me. But yours may look a little different. And that’s perfectly fine.

What’s a zero waste to go kit handy for?

So many things! I can’t tell you how many times its helped me avoid zero waste fails. Here are few examples as to why a zero waste kit rocks (and why I love mine):
  • Can always refuse plastic cutlery, because I have my own reusable utensil set.
  • Don’t need a disposable coffee cup for my tea, because I have my adorable travel mug (which I get complimented on all the time).
  • Never have to worry about drinking from a plastic straw, because I have my own reusable straws.
  • Have stuffed leftovers and food scraps into my travel mug, preventing me from making food waste.
  • Hold on to extra (clean) reusable straws in case my boyfriend or friends need them (and they often times do).
  • Can request baked goods be put straight onto my reusable napkin, instead of in a disposable one.
  • Can shop with a clear conscious, knowing I always have a reusable bag in my stash.


How can I make my own zero waste to go kit?

So glad you asked! This is the fun part. Here’s some basic elements you’ll need to craft your very own zero waste to go kit. If any of the items on this list seem like the match for you, just click the image or link to find that product. In case you’re on a budget, I’ve also included some ‘free fixes’ that can help you make a zero waste to go kit, free of charge.

1. Stainless steel water bottle

I’m a huge fan of Swell water bottles. They’re sturdy, keep my drink cold for hours on end, and easy to clean. My water bottle has only leaked on one occasion and that was simply because I didn’t shut it properly (so that’s on me). They’re definitely leak proof and can simply be plopped into your bag without a second thought (just make sure to shut it right).

Free fix: Empty cup or empty glass bottle.

zero waste to go kit

2. Reusable straws

Personally, I like to keep a mix of reusable straws on me. My boyfriend really likes the bamboo straws, while I really prefer stainless steel ones. I also have a beautiful glass straw, but I find myself reaching for stainless steel more. I really like their sleek design.

Free fix: Skip the straw entirely and drink from the cup!

zero waste to go kit

3. Travel mug

Are you an avid coffee or tea drinker? Personally, I go through tea like wildfire, and I love grabbing it on the go. So if you’re anything like me, I highly recommend getting a travel mug. The stainless steel will keep your drink insulated for hours on end.

Free fix: Empty glass jar – just wrap rubber bands around the center of it to prevent burning your hands.

zero waste to go kit

4. Cloth napkin

Instead of grabbing disposable napkins, try reaching for a reusable one instead. You can clean them by hand after each use or toss it with the rest of your laundry. Super easy, and so much better for the environment. You might be able to find some cute cloth napkins at your local thrift store too.

Free fix: Cut up an old soft shirt and use that as a cloth napkin.

zero waste to go kit

5. Reusable bag

I cannot tell you how handy having a reusable bag on you at all times is. This one comes with a cute little pouch you can zip up. Plus, it’s made from recycled plastic and can be hand or machine washed if need be.

Free fix: Make your own reusable bag out of an old shirt, or grab any old tote bag you have lying around.

zero waste to go kit

6. Reusable utensils

I always keep a set of reusable utensils with me in my bag. I carry mine in a multi-utensil kit that keeps them sanitary and safe. Bamboo utensils are lightweight and easy to travel with, but stainless steel utensils work great too.

Free fix: Take some silverware from home and wrap it in a reusable napkin.

zero waste to go kit

7. Tiffin

Great for storing leftovers in! You can pack your lunch in these bad boys too, or use it to place your on the go snacks in. There are so many ways to utilize it. Take one with you to restaurants: When you can’t finish a meal, just place the leftovers in the tiffin. No Styrofoam containers necessary.

Free fix: Use an empty glass jar to store lunch, snacks or leftovers you can’t finish at a restaurant in.

zero waste to go kit


How do I store my zero waste to go kit?

Personally, I don’t carry ALL of this on me 100 percent of the time. I usually only take my travel mug and a tiffin with me if I know I’m going somewhere I’ll need it (aka a coffee shop or restaurant). However, a majority of this stuff is in my bag at all times (eating utensils, straws, reusable bag, cloth napkins, water bottle). It all depends on what you’re comfortable carrying. I have a big cotton sling over bag I use to sport my zero waste to go kit around. It does most of the heavy lifting for me.

You can store your zero waste kit in your bag, or in your car. Whatever makes it easier for you.

zero waste to go kit

Regardless, putting together a zero waste to go kit will totally up your waste-free game. You’ll feel like a pro in no time at all and wonder why you didn’t make one sooner. I hope this article helps you craft the ultimate zero waste kit specific to your tastes and needs. Feel free to share it to inspire others!

New to zero waste? Be sure to check out these easy tips for zero waste beginners. Or, better yet, this handy zero waste beginners guide. You’ll learn the ropes in no time!

How do you stay trash free on the go? 


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